This Site Will Give You a Free $10 Amazon Gift Card Just for Trying It

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The tech world and diehard fans are abuzz with the latest updates to the iPhone and Apple computers.

Whether you plan to pick up an iPhone 7 — or get a good deal on someone’s discarded 6s — this is the perfect time for an upgrade.

Of course, you’re going to need some bling for that new phone!

Apple accessories are beautiful — but pricy. Luckily, we found a smart way to save money decking out your new iPhone.

How to Save Money on iPhone 7 Accessories

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Have you heard of MyPoints? It’s a cash-back site that pays you to print coupons and shop online. We love it because it lets you earn cash for the shopping you would do anyway.

And right now, you can earn a $10 Amazon gift card when you spend $20 or more at any retailer through MyPoints!

Here’s how it works…

  1. Sign up for MyPoints here (you just need to give them a name and email address).
  1. MyPoints will instantly send you an email to confirm your email address. You’ll need to click that to get the free gift card.
  1. You’ll also need to purchase $20 worth of products at any of the more than 1,900 supported retailers. MyPoints will reward you with 1,750 bonus points you can redeem for a $10 Amazon gift card.

That’s all! It’s basically $10 off anything you buy.

Bonus Tip: Stack Deals to Save 52% on iPhone 7 Accessories

Here’s how you can use this deal to save even more on iPhone accessories.

Say you’re in line this weekend for a new iPhone 7 Plus.

Instead of buying a $39 case from Apple, save money and buy one from Amazon for $10.99. Add a three-pack of charging cables for $9.99, so you have a backup at work, home and in the car.

Shop Amazon through MyPoints, and you’ll earn 5 points per dollar, about 63 cents cash back on your purchase.

Plus, you’ll get a $10 Amazon gift card, so your total cash back is $10.63.

Pay with a rewards credit card like the Chase Freedom Unlimited card, and earn an additional 1.5% cash back. That brings your cash-back total to $10.94.

If you’re keeping up with the math, that means your new iPhone case and chargers would cost you just $10.04 — 52% off!

The Fine Print

This offer is available to all new members.

You’ll need to join MyPoints now and spend $20 on any shopping or travel within 30 days. You’ll be awarded 1,750 points, redeemable for a $10 gift card of your choice.

After shopping, rewards points will appear in your account within 30 days, but it usually takes less than five business days.

If you request a physical gift card, it should arrive in the mail within two weeks — and e-gift cards show up in your inbox within 30 minutes.


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