Amazon Might Owe You a Partial Refund If Your Package Shows up Late

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Aileen Perilla/The Penny Hoarder
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Online shopping is pretty much the best.

You get to avoid all those #FirstWorldProblems you hate to deal with at the physical store.

Putting on pants.

Interacting with other humans.


That guy at the exit who asks to see your receipt, and you’re like, “What, you don’t think I can afford this TV just because I spend my Wednesday at a Walmart in sweatpants?!”

Plus, it’s usually cheaper to shop online.

But there is that one big drawback that makes procrastinators like me chew my nails to a nub as I wait by the mailbox every day.

Can You Get a Shipping Refund If Your Package Doesn’t Show?

You mean well, but sometimes you forget that wedding, baby shower or birthday is coming up until it’s three days away. So you order the perfect gift online and fork over a week’s salary for expedited shipping.

But here you are, ready to leave for the party (dressed spectacularly, we might add) — and the package hasn’t arrived.

So you swing by the only store en route, pick up a backup gift, stuff it into a decorated bag and sign the card at a stoplight.

But what about the cost? Is there a shipping refund?

You could call the retailer and negotiate a refund. But that involves a whole new set of #FirstWorldProblems, like waiting on hold and talking on the phone.

With a new delivery monitoring system from Paribus, you could get a refund with no extra work.

We’ve talked about Paribus before. It’s the tool that scans your online shopping receipts and monitors major retailers for price drops. If the price goes down on something you bought, Paribus gets the retailer to pay you the difference.

Its new delivery monitoring service has a similar mission: Save you time and effort getting refunds you deserve. Here’s how it works:

  1. It checks your email for receipts to find guaranteed delivery dates.
  2. It tracks the package using UPS or the retailer’s shipping tracking.
  3. If the delivery is later than guaranteed, Paribus automatically files a claim with the retailer to get you compensation.

How Much Money Can You Get Back?

Paribus monitors dozens of retailers — including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and more — so your refund will depend on the store’s shipping policy.

With Amazon, for example, a late delivery means you’re eligible for “a refund of any shipping fees associated with the order in question. Prime members (who get free two-day shipping) may also be eligible for an extension of their membership,” according to its policy.

Paribus has negotiated everything from full or partial cost-of-shipping refunds and store credit to one-month extensions of memberships in rush-shipping programs like Prime.

Paribus’ price-match and delivery monitoring services are totally free. That means all that shipping cost goes back in your pocket.

Disclosure: Paribus compensates us when you sign up using the links we provide.

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