Google and Walmart Are Teaming Up to Bring You Even More Voice Shopping

Google Home, right, sits on display near a Pixel phone
Eric Risberg/AP Photo

It’s a classic tale of Amazon amnesia — a package arrives, and you open it to find a new appliance, knick-knack or tech toy you don’t remember ordering.

Amazon Alexa owners have probably learned this valuable lesson: Never voice-shop after a few glasses of wine.

With Google and Walmart announcing a new partnership Wednesday, Google Home users will have to learn it as well.

Here’s How to Use Your Beautiful Voice to Order Walmart Products

The partnership actually kicks off in September, but here’s a primer.

Through Google Home’s Google Assistant, you can use your wonderful voice to order items one at a time, or put together an online shopping list and buy the bundle later on using the Google Home app, Recode reported.

You can already order from PetSmart, Costco and other retailers through Google Express, but the “hundreds of thousands” of products Walmart will provide should bring the tech company closer to touching the behemoth Amazon’s voice-retailing capabilities.

And here’s something even better than shopping without moving anything more than your lips: If you sign up for Google Express right now, you get 20% off of your next purchase when Walmart arrives.

Google, order paper towels, because I just did spit my coffee all over the place.

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Alex Mahadevan is a data journalist at The Penny Hoarder.

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