This Free Service Helps People With More Than $15K in Debt Get Back on Track

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You’re willing to get a little professional help for all kinds of things you can’t do by yourself: Cutting your hair. Cleaning your teeth. Fixing your car. 

What about getting out of debt? Why not get some professional help for that? Have a pro renegotiate your debt.

We know, we know. You’re worried about getting ripped off. You’ve heard stories about shady debt-relief companies and their scammy ways.

Don’t worry, that’s why we found a legit company. If you have more than $15,000 in debt, a company called Debt Advisor will help you get your debt under control and regain control of your life.

It doesn’t matter what kind of debt you have — credit card debt, personal loans, private student loans and medical debt. Debt Advisor’s financial experts will help you determine what’s best for your particular situation.

Let a Pro Settle Your Debt

Typically there are two options: debt settlement or debt consolidation. Debt Advisor is a free service. It’s a marketplace that’ll connect you to debt settlement pros or debt consolidation lenders.

Here’s how debt settlement works: Your financial advisors negotiate with your creditors and debt collectors on your behalf to agree to a lump sum settlement that’s less than the total amount you currently owe. This typically means lower monthly payments, and it could save you serious money in the long run. 

Debt Advisor works with debt settlement providers who have proven experience. Debt settlement programs can take years to complete, but this might be the best option for you.

Debt consolidation involves rolling all your existing debt into a personal loan with a lower interest rate. You use the loan to pay off the balances from your high-interest credit cards and other debts. It’s a twofer: You can save a ton of money on interest payments, and you free up cash to pay off debt faster.

Debt Advisor can connect you with reputable lenders to get your debt under control.

Find the Smart Solution for You

If you’re in serious debt, you know how hard it is. There’s the harassing phone calls, the threatening notices, and insufficient funds to cover anything more than the necessities. And it feels like you can hardly keep up. You’re nowhere near paying it off, and thanks to high interest rates, the debt isn’t getting any smaller.

There is a way back to financial freedom. Just answer a few questions online to connect with one of Debt Advisor’s financial consultants. They’ll help you decide what the best solution is for your situation — and you’ll be that much closer to getting your financial life back on track.