Trader Joe’s Wine in a Can Will Class Up Your Tailgating for 99 Cents a Pop

canned wine

O Trader Joe’s, how I love thee.

Aside from just generally being awesome, the grocery store is also known for its Two Buck Chuck wines — an affordable collection of vinos that doesn’t lack in taste or quality. (Check out our wine snob’s review here.)

In case you needed yet another reason to love TJ’s (seriously? You’re still on the fence about it?), the company recently announced a new product that will blow your mind.

And it’s just in time for summer. 😎

Trader Joe’s Introduces New Canned Wine

On April 29, TJ’s announced it will offer sparkling Italian wine in four-pack cases. The company partnered up with an Italian supplier to create its line of Simpler Wines Italian Sparkling Wine .

Two flavors are currently available: a white wine with hints of honeydew and fresh-cut herbs, and a rosé.

That’s right. I said it — rosé.

Let’s imagine the possibilities, friends.

You’re on a giant pink flamingo floaty in your pool, and you feel a bead of sweat form on your forehead. To freshen up, you grab a can of wine out of your cooler, pop it open and return to your summer bliss. No safety hazards of popping corks required.

You now live a life of immense luxury and barely have to lift a precious finger while seeking your bourgeois beverage of choice.

Your picnics will no longer require the stress of gathering the appropriate cups and lugging around an entire bottle of wine — not to mention the risk of spilling the leftovers everywhere on your way back home.

And you know what? Tailgating at country concerts is about to get 10 times classier — I can’t wait to see people try to shotgun these things.

A four-pack of 187-milliliter cans will cost $3.99 — that’s about 99 cents per can.

At that price, I’m willing to drink my wine out of a can for the entire summer. Try and stop me. I dare you.

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