We’ve Got Fabulous News for Anyone Who Misses the McDonald’s Dollar Menu

exterior of mcdonald's restaurant
Mike Mozart under Creative Commons

Admit it: You get a little giddy when you see those golden arches.

And whether or not they’ll admit it, McDonald’s execs know why you love the brand: It’s tasty and affordable.

McDonald’s sales have surged in recent months thanks to its all-day breakfast and lineup of creative burgers, like the Signature Sriracha Artisan Chicken Sandwich and the Pico Guacamole Burger, but it’s the fast-food joint’s $1 soda and coffee offers that are really a hit.

While its executives have said that McDonald’s isn’t focusing on having the lowest fast-food prices, the chain reportedly has a new value menu in the works, according to Buzzfeed.

What Will the New McDonald’s Value Menu Include?

McPick deals have been out there for a while, but the fast-food chain hasn’t had a standard, across-the-board value menu in a few years.

We don’t know just yet what would be included on this rumored new menu, but for those of us who think back fondly on the dollar menu of days gone by, there’s optimism that we’ll see some great burger and food deals that’ll make us giggle like the Hamburglar.

Buzzfeed writes that a report predicts the new value menu launch will occur late this year or in early 2018. The new menu will zero in on food offerings in the $1, $2 and $3 price points. Ah… back to the bargains!

While you may not love your Big Macs as much as Wisconsin native Dan Gorske, you know you occasionally crave what Ronald McDonald is cooking. The new value menu would give millions of McDonald’s fans a new reason to swing by and grab their favorites.

If you happen to bump into Grimace, thank him for changing his ways. (He used to be Evil Grimace. True story!)  

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