Pizza Hut’s New Rewards Program Tops the Competition (for a Limited Time)

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Pizza Hut just introduced its new Hut Rewards program.

You know what that means?

Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner, ya’ll. As Guy Fieri would say, buckle your seatbelts; we’re going to Flavortown.

What You Need to Know About Hut Rewards

Hut Rewards gives you two points for every $1 you spend online. After you earn 200 points, you can trade them in for a free medium pizza with any toppings your heart desires. If you get your points up to 250, you can get a large pizza with unlimited toppings for free.

OK, I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, so I have to spend $100 to get a free pizza? As IF!”

But here, my friends, is the greasy silver lining: For online orders placed between Aug. 10 and Oct. 1, you’ll earn four points for every dollar you spend. This means you only have to spend $50 to score that free medium pizza or $62.50 to get a free large pie. And if you’re like me, you could rack that up in two or three orders, depending on how many people you feed and what sides you order. Cinnamon sticks, anyone?

Here’s the best part: This introductory promotion puts Pizza Hut’s rewards program at the top of the pizza rewards heap.

Domino’s gives 10 points for orders of $10 or more. Six of those orders will score you a medium two-topping pizza. This means you have to spend $60 before getting that free pie.

Papa John’s gives you a free dessert for every $50 you spend and a free medium, two-topping pizza for every $75.

So for now, Hut Rewards gives you the most bang for your buck. In the long run, though, Dominos or Papa John’s may be your best bet.  

Also, don’t forget to crunch some numbers with this pizza calculator. It’ll help you decide what size pizza will stretch your dollars furthest.

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