Target’s New $5 Wine Is Perfect for Two-Buck Chuck Fans Who Want to Splurge

lineup of California Roots wine bottles for Target
Photo courtesy of Target

Now that the kiddos are back in school — and you managed to save a ton on supplies with deals from Target — it’s time to relax with a new offer from the beloved retailer: wine.

Cheap wine.

Well, if you consider $5 cheap.

Next month, Target will debut its new line of California Roots wines, including five wines made from — you guessed it — California grapes. The line launches on Sept. 3, and will buffer the store’s already growing alcohol sales, according to a press release.

It may not be as affordable as Trader Joe’s Two-Buck Chuck, but it should help you look fancy at your next dinner party without breaking the bank. And it’s still half the price of the average bottle of wine in the U.S.

What California Roots Wines Will Debut on Sept. 3?

No matter your taste, the new Target wines should have a style for you. I’m a boxed wine guy myself, but maybe this new Target brand will expand my palate. (Spoiler: probably not.)

Here’s a list of the five California Roots wines and their pairings:

Chardonnay: Freshly baked bread and cheeses

Pinot grigio: Salads and fish

Moscato: Berries

Cabernet sauvignon: Steaks

Red blend: Pasta and grilled vegetables

As for the food? There are tons of ways to save while shopping at Target.

Now, where’s that box — er, bottle opener?

Alex Mahadevan is a data journalist. He turns 30 this weekend and will likely need several bottles of Target wine to cope next week.

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