Say Goodbye to Roadside Panic — Discover the Secret Service You Already Own

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You’re on a road trip — and bam! — You get a flat tire. What a hassle, am I right?

But it’s life. And there you are, dressed in definitely not the ideal tire-changing attire, sprawled on the ground with a jack in one hand and looking up instructions on your phone in the other.

Or, you’ve just filled your trunk with a week’s worth of groceries, and all of a sudden, your car won’t start. And just like that, you’re stranded in the middle of a supermarket parking lot.

But here’s the thing: there’s a much easier solution that could save you from these unfortunate setbacks — and it’s a service you’ve probably already paid for.

Many drivers are unaware of the roadside assistance benefits they already have either under their car’s warranty, or with their auto insurance policy.

In fact, most drivers don’t know about or don’t know how to fully utilize these benefits. It’s essentially an untapped resource that could save you time, money, and keep you safe from the hazards associated with chaotic car trouble in the middle of nowhere.

Whether you’re in your driveway, in a parking lot, or on the side of the highway, these are the benefits you’ve already paid for

Most drivers will experience a roadside event once every couple of years. In fact, 55% of drivers will have an event each year! Remembering that you have roadside assistance and actually using it provides peace of mind for stranded drivers, anywhere and everywhere.

Need to change a flat? Your auto insurance policy probably has you covered. Locked out of your car? Covered. Your e-car ran out of charge? Still covered.

You’ll have access to these services 24 hours a day every single day of the year, wherever you’re located.

Accessing roadside assistance is straightforward. Typically, it’s a feature included in your vehicle’s warranty or your auto insurance policy. The fastest and easiest way to request roadside assistance is through the provider’s app. Make sure you download the app and are familiar with how to request help so you’re ready when you need it.

It’s important to note that using this service usually doesn’t affect your insurance rates, although you should always check with your provider to be sure.

Stop overlooking your roadside assistance

Because many drivers overlook the roadside assistance features available to them, trying to handle small issues like flat tires without help ends up wasting both time and money. Even more critical? Roadside events can be chaotic and compromise you and your family’s safety.

Using roadside assistance doesn’t just mean fast expert help; it’s also about safety, convenience, and making the most of something you’ve already paid for through your insurance or vehicle warranty. You can even prepare ahead of time by downloading your provider’s roadside assistance app so that it’s there when you need it.

Next time you face a roadside hiccup, remember that you might already have a solution in place. Check your vehicle’s warranty or insurance policy, download your roadside assistance app and explore roadside assistance benefits today.