Here’s How to Get up to $500k Cash Without Taking Out a Loan or Refinancing Your Home

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If you’re looking for more than a few thousands bucks in extra cash, it seems like the only options are doing a cash-out refinance on your home or applying for a HELOC or other interest-laden loan.

Between added debt and interest payments, are you really getting the most out of your money? And what if you don’t want to take on even more debt?

Another option you have is called a home co-investment — and a company called Unison is letting people take advantage of their home equity now for a share of the home’s increase in value (or any potential loss) later. All without any monthly payments or interest.

Get Up To Half a Million Dollars to Update Your Home, Consolidate Debt or Plan Your Retirement

All the things you would want to do with the money from your home equity loan or cash-out refinance, you can do with a home co-investment — without a monthly payment.

Unison will invest up to $500,000 or up to 17.5% of your home’s value — determined by an independent appraiser. It won’t affect your current mortgage, and Unison doesn’t take any ownership of your property. Then they’ll wire the co-investment amount, minus a 3.0% transaction fee and settlement costs, straight to your bank account.

What you do with that money is up to you. A lot of people use it to upgrade their home and increase its value. But if you want to use it to go back to school or put it into the stock market and let it grow, you can.

When you sell your home, if the home value increases, Unison will share the profit. If the home value decreases, in most cases, Unison will share in the loss with you. Just like any other investment, they know there’s always a risk alongside any potential reward. Either way, you can access the equity in your home now — without a refinance or home equity loan.

Here’s an example: If your home is worth $300,000 right now, Unison can give you up to $52,500 as an investment (minus the transaction fee and settlement fees — so it doesn’t come out of your pocket).

If you sell your house 10 years in the future for $400,000, Unison gets their investment back, plus their share of the profit. But if you sell your house for $200,000, Unison’s share of the loss would exceed the amount of the co-investment you received, and you would not owe Unison. The amount Unison can lose is limited to its initial investment in the home.

Take 2 Minutes to See How Much Cash You Can Get

To get started, just enter your home address and email to see if you prequalify — and how much Unison can invest with you. Once you complete your application, if you’re approved, you can have cash in your bank account — without monthly payments or additional debt.

It takes just minutes to get started and see how much of a co-investment Unison can make. What will you do with your money?

Kari Faber is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.