Homeowners: Make This Phone Call to Get Access to up to $500K in Cash (No Loan Required)

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When you’re strapped for cash, it can feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Medical bills pile up, debt starts to snowball and retirement can feel impossible.

And for homeowners, sometimes it feels like the only option is selling their house and hoping the cash is enough to cover their needs.

But a single phone call can change that.

A company called Unlock will give people access to the equity in their home, through a Home Equity Agreement. It isn’t a loan, so there are no interest charges, no monthly payments and most importantly, no selling your home to get the cash you need.

Before You Call a Realtor, Call This Company

Selling your home to access your equity should be a last resort. When you work with Unlock, you’ll get access to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars without a monthly payment, interest, or any of the other drawbacks of a loan.

Knowing how much cash you can get from Unlock takes less than a minute and doesn’t require a credit check or credit card. You can get up to $500,000 of your own equity in your home.

Answer a few simple questions about your house and your estimated credit score (Unlock works with people who have scores as low as 500). In less than 60 seconds, you’ll see exactly how much cash you can get from your home.

The next step is booking a no-pressure call with an Unlock  Home Equity Consultant. Once you sign the paperwork, you can have your money in as little as 14 days.

Why a Home Equity Investment is Better Than a Loan

Taking out a loan can sometimes be more hurtful to your situation than necessary. Whether it’s a mortgage refinance, a HELOC or a more traditional loan, they come with monthly payments and plenty of interest. And it means more money out of your pocket every month throughout the life of the loan.

Full disclosure: a Home Equity Agreement (HEA) from Unlock isn’t free money. Even though there are no monthly payments like a HELOC or a refinanced mortgage, Unlock will be investing in your home and sharing in its value in the future..

So when you go to sell your house in the future, you’ll be sharing part of that profit with them. But if your house loses value, they share in that loss, too.

That means besides a small origination fee, you won’t be paying anything to access the equity you already have in your home. It’s your money; you can do what you want with it. By using Unlock, you won’t have to worry about paying them back every month.

If you’re a homeowner and need cash  — but don’t want to sell your home — see how much equity you can unlock in your own house today.

Kari Faber is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder.