Texans, You Might be Overpaying For Your Car Insurance Unless You Do This

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Watch out for your wallet! Studies show that car insurance rates are 106% higher than they were a decade ago — and people living in Texas could feel it in their bank accounts this year.

Annoying, isn’t it? Here you are, probably driving around less than ever, and your premiums could still be going up this year.

Yep. You might be overpaying. The good news? There’s something you can easily do about it.

A website called SmartFinancial makes it super easy to compare car insurance prices. All you have to do is enter your age and ZIP code to see your options. It only takes a minute, and you could be getting rates as low as $22 a month.

Are you driving less than 50 miles a day? Do you have zero moving violations on your record? You could qualify for discounts.

SmartFinancial has unique relationships with top auto insurance providers, making it easy for you to enter your information only once to see all your options in front of you. If you want, you can speak to a licensed agent to secure a low rate and finish the process in under 10 minutes.

Rates start as low as $22 a month and can save you up to $715 a year — that’s some major cash back in your pocket just for taking a minute to check out your options.