This Free App Will Give You up to $1K in Free Stock Just for Signing Up and Funding Your Account

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Inflation is doing a great job of making it really difficult to buy, well… anything. And that includes stocks.

The wealthy know how important investing is, and they have the means to keep doing it in any market. Luckily, you don’t need deep pockets to make your own power moves in the stock market.

When you open a free SoFi Invest account and fund it with at least $10, they’ll give you free stocks in return — worth up to $1,000.

Why Invest with SoFi?

You might already invest in the stock market through a retirement account. But with an active investing account from SoFi, you’ll have more control over where your money is invested, and you don’t have to wait until retirement to access it.

You can buy full or fractional shares of popular stocks, invest early in companies you find promising — you can even get in from the very beginning by investing in companies before everyone else is allowed to invest.

The SoFi Invest app also lets you invest in exchange-traded funds — or collections of stocks.

If you’re afraid to start investing, SoFi also offers automated investing tools to help simplify things. Tell the app how much or little risk you’re willing to take, and the app will recommend ETFs for you to invest in. Plus, SoFi won’t charge you any SoFi management fees.

For more experienced investors, SoFi Invest now offers options trading, meaning you can purchase call options (which give you the right to buy an asset, like a stock, for a specific price) and put options (which give you the right to sell an asset at a specific price). To get started, you’ll need to go through a quick questionnaire to determine if this is the right trading strategy for your needs.

How to Get Started and Earn up to $1K in Free Stocks

Investing doesn’t have to be something that’s scary or out of reach for the rest of us.

It only takes a minute to download the app and open a free account. Then, once you fund it with at least $10, SoFi will reward you with your free stock — which could be worth up to $1,000.

*Customer must fund their Active Invest account with at least $10 within 30 days of opening the account. Probability of customer receiving $1,000 is 0.028%.

Investment Products: Are not FDIC-insured, are not bank guaranteed and may lose value.

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