This Free App Gives You Exclusive Perks for the Stocks You Already Own

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There’s all kinds of perks out there. If you’re lucky, you get perks at your job. You might get perks from your credit card or from customer rewards programs.

But what about investing? Shouldn’t you get perks for that, too? After all, you do own part of the company.

That’s the idea behind Stockperks, a free app that earns you perks for being an investor — things like discounts, free stuff, cool experiences and more.

How to Get Perks for Being an investor

If you own a piece of a company, Stockperks believes you should be treated like one. It’s the first app of its kind, and it works with companies to make sure that you, as an investor, get exclusive perks in return.

For example, if you own even a single share of WeWork stock,  Stockperks will make sure you get you three free days of access to WeWork’s cool co-working spaces. iRobot offers shareholders discounts on vacuums and Ford offers special pricing on vehicles.

Stockperks is constantly updating its offerings and partnerships, so your perks aren’t just a one-time thing.

Start Getting Treated Like an Owner

Getting started is easy. Just download the Stockperks app and connect your brokerage account. This lets Stockperks see what stocks you own so it can start getting you perks.

And don’t worry — Stockperks protects your financial information with military-grade security, and they never sell your information.

Download the Stockperks app and start earning perks on your investments. Isn’t it time you started getting treated like an owner?

Mike Brassfield ([email protected]) is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder. He likes perks, especially ones involving food.