What’s Values-Based Investing and Why Is It More Important Now Than Ever?

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Money talks, so maybe it’s time to make your money talk for you.

Between this crazy presidential election and everything else going on in the world these days, isn’t it time to put your money where your mouth is?

That’s what values-based investing is about, and that’s why it’s a hot topic in 2020, a year that has cut close to the bone.

Values-based investing means building an investment portfolio that reflects your personal values and ethics. For many, it means investing in companies committed to environmental sustainability and/or social responsibility. Because when you’re buying a company’s stock, it’s not just about you, you’re also backing that business in a very tangible way — with your money.

Values-based investing spans the ideological spectrum, and you can do it no matter where on the spectrum you happen to fall. You could support environmental causes and social justice, for instance. Or you could rule out investing in companies that profit from adult entertainment, tobacco, alcohol or embryonic stem cell research.

These days, values-based investing is not only a hot topic, it’s a movement that’s showing sustained power. Interest in it keeps growing, according to major investment firms like Morgan Stanley.

How To Partake in Values-Based Investing — Even on a Budget

If you want to get started with values-based investing, you don’t need to hire a broker or sink hundreds in account-management fees.

You can with as little as $1* with an app like Stash.

We like Stash because it lets you choose from hundreds of stocks and values-based funds to build your own investment portfolio. But it makes it simple by breaking them down into categories based on your personal goals and beliefs.

Want to invest conservatively right now? Totally get it! Want to dip in with moderate or aggressive risk? Do what you feel. Or maybe you want to invest in green companies or companies that support women in leadership roles.

Plus, with Stash, you’re able to invest in fractions of shares, which means you can invest in funds you wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

If you sign up now (it takes two minutes), Stash will give you $5 after you add $5 to your investment account. Subscription plans start at $1 a month.**

With values-based investing, it’s surprisingly easy and cost-effective to make sure your portfolio aligns with your values — now and forever.

*For Securities priced over $1,000, purchase of fractional shares starts at $0.05.

**You’ll also bear the standard fees and expenses reflected in the pricing of the ETFs in your account, plus fees for various ancillary services charged by Stash and the custodian.

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