How to Get a Fixed 5.5% Return on Your Money (Start With as Little as $10)

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The truth is, your bank needs you. They use your money to lend out, invest and grow their business. But you probably wouldn’t know it from the measly interest they pay you in return (just a fraction of 1% these days).

A company called Worthy makes it worth your time to invest your savings in their SEC-qualified bonds. They’ll pay you a fixed 5.5% interest rate (5.65% APY).

Unlike government bonds, you don’t have to wait years or face heavy penalties to get your money back whenever you need it. And you can get started with just $10.

You’re Worthy of a Higher Return

Just as your bank lends out money deposited to individual and business customers, Worthy does that with bond proceeds.

But they don’t just lend out money to anyone who qualifies. They support developers who build affordable housing and projects meant for the entire community to enjoy.

Beyond just feeling good about where their money goes, Worthy customers like Christian Vasquez also like what it brings back with it — a return that’s 21 times the national average for savings accounts.

“It’s been a no-hassle, high-return account that does not hold your money for months or years,” says Vasquez. “It’s your money when you need it or want it.”

How to Start Earning a Fixed 5.5% Return

You’ve probably heard it your whole life, “You need to diversify.” It’s a fact.

Worthy bonds are a good way to diversify, especially if your savings account is stagnant. Interest is compounded daily, so there are no penalties for cashing out early.

Take this challenge: Stash a little money in Worthy Bonds today and see how much faster they grow than your traditional savings account.