Here’s Why You Might Want to Give Your Kids Paperback Books This Year

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Ebooks are awesome for a whole host of reasons.

We have more access to a wider variety of content today than ever before — and we can carry it all with us in a small machine that weighs less than a pound.

After double majoring in two reading-intensive subjects (English and philosophy), and dealing with the residual back pain to prove it, I can definitely jump on board to say: Thanks, technology.

But it turns out paper books still have a lot to offer — and in some ways, simply can’t be matched by their electronic counterparts.

And in case you’re still figuring out your holiday shopping list, here’s why you should consider buying good old, paper books for someone you love this year.

Paper Books vs. Ebooks

Do you remember the bookshelf-lined study in your childhood home? Remember what a whole library of books smells like — paper, leather and age?

It’s a special kind of seduction, being faced with so many stories just waiting to be picked up, flipped open and read.

Many more stories are available to kids today, but they might not hold as much mystique sitting on their pixelated shelves, even if they are accessible at the touch of a finger.

What’s worse? A lack of paper books might spell failure in your child’s career.

Why Paper Matters for Penny Hoarders

In his eloquent and thought-provoking essay, novelist Teddy Wayne examines the repercussions of our disappearing collections of non-digital content.

Wayne points to a scientific study that found the second-most important predictor of reading success was the quantity of books in one’s home.

As we all know, good reading skills are essential for high performance in the classroom — and grade point average has been shown to have a direct correlation with earnings later in life.

What’s more, reading paper books has been shown to improve comprehension and retention of material — even more reason to go the old fashioned route.

Looking for Some Books to Buy This Holiday Season?

Newsflash: You can still buy paper books through digital venues!

Amazon usually has great prices, but don’t be afraid to hit your local bookstore and feel the seduction you might be missing in your contemporary home.

And if you want to give a kid the gift of curiosity, excitement and yes, long-term earning potential, check out these educational kids’ books.

They might be great options to set under the tree this year.

Your Turn: Do you read paper books or ebooks? Will you give the gift of paper this holiday season?

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