Want to Save Money on Plane Tickets? Fly on These Days

Cheapest days to fly

So we’ve talked about when you should buy plane tickets.

And how to get them for nearly free.

But when is it cheapest to fly? On a Sunday in July? Or a Saturday in January?

As research from Hopper and Marketwatch determined, both the day of the week and month of your flight can make a significant difference in the price.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Cheapest Days to Fly, According to Science

In its analysis, Hopper (which, by the way, is my favorite tool for predicting when you should buy your ticket) “looked at flights over the last year that were planned at least two weeks in advance.”


Turns out, you could pay nearly 10% more to fly on a Sunday than on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and nearly 30% more to fly in July or December than in January or February.

Like any business, airlines price their services based on demand, and since mid-week (and Saturday!) and mid-winter travel are less popular, flying then is cheaper.

Here are the full results:


Of course, there are always exceptions — which is why I love using airfare search engines that allow you to be flexible with both your dates and routing.

My favorite is ITA Flight Matrix. You can’t purchase flights on the platform, but you can search a wide variety of options at once.

Or, try Google Flights for a less-flexible but more user-friendly version of the same technology.

Other smart ways to get cheaper flights?

Use alternate airports, keep an eye on flight sales and always search discount airlines (I like to use WhichBudget).

And to save money once you get there, check out these posts:

Your Turn: Did you know which days of the week were cheapest to fly?

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