3,000 Strangers Just Gave This College Student Beer Money

Beer money
Image from Venmo/Instagram

Aren’t you so mad you didn’t think of this hustle?

ESPN’s College GameDay was in Bristol, Tennessee, this weekend in anticipation of the Tennessee vs. Virginia Tech football game. Having GameDay come to your campus is a huge deal for schools with a decent chance at winning football games, and fans usually crowd around the outdoor set to cheer for their team and hold up homemade signs.

This weekend’s — maybe this academic year’s — top sign?

“Hi Mom! Send beer money,” wrote one enterprising student, listing Venmo username SamC2270 below the message.

…And It Worked

Venmo is an app that allows friends to send money to one another, usually for items like beer and pizza, or in my case, utility bills and Netflix. Sam, revealed on Venmo as Sam Crowder, gained enough admirers that the money started rolling in — fast.

By 4 p.m. on Saturday, Venmo confirmed on Twitter that more than 2,000 users had contributed to Sam’s beer fund.

Early Monday morning, Venmo tweeted that the number was up to 3,000 contributors. “Epic,” it said, clearly excited about the publicity. The app itself donated $50.

Some of the public notes attached to contributions mention college nostalgia, admiration of the hustle, or simply include a beer-clink emoji.

The app doesn’t show how much money each person sent, but one user noted that beers cost $1.50 each in her hometown in Texas. We can assume she contributed $1.50 to this very noble cause.

I sent a dollar, but Sam hasn’t responded to my interview request — yet.

Your Turn: Would you ever ask for money on live TV? What do you think of Sam’s sign?

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