How to Make and Save Money in College: Our Best Posts for Students

How to make money in college
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Have you ever heard college students aren’t smart with money?

Or that you owe more debt than any other generation?

Think it’s the norm to be broke?

We know you can be smart with your money in college, and we have success stories to prove it — plus some tips to help you get there!

Here are our favorite posts about how to make money in college. You’ll learn how to save and grow your money, too.

How to make money in college
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Paying for College

Opening acceptance letters might be one of the most exciting moments of your life — and we don’t want you to have that moment ruined by fear of not being able to afford to attend your dream school.

Here are our best posts on how to make or save some extra cash to pay for college.

1. 100+ Awesome Scholarships That Will Help You Pay for College

2. 100 Weird College Scholarships: Wacky Ways to Win Money for School

3. Is an Expensive College Worth the Cost? Here’s One Way to Decide

4. 8 Legitimate Ways to Qualify for More Student Financial Aid

5. Think You Can’t Afford to Go to Princeton or Harvard? Think Again

6. How This Mom Helped Her Son Win $100,000 of College Scholarships

7. Applying for Financial Aid for College is About to Become a Whole Lot Easier

8. These “Best Value Colleges” Help You Graduate With Less Than $10K in Debt

9. Want a Free Degree? These 9 Colleges Will Cover Your Tuition

How to make money in college
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How to Make Money

Tired of going to all of those events just for a free slice of soggy pizza?

These posts have some of our best ways to make money while in school. Some are flexible enough that you’ll be able to keep up with your schoolwork and extracurriculars while filling your pockets!

10. 25 Totally Flexible Ways to Make Money in College Without Dropping Classes

11. This College Student Made $6K Doing Something She Had to Do Anyway

12. 12 College Majors That Pretty Much Guarantee You’ll Land a Baller Job

13. How to Make $750 a Month Selling Used Books

14. This College Student Made $300+ a Month on the Side as a Brand Ambassador

15. If You Have Windows 10, This Company Will Pay You Up to $100 to Search the Internet

16. Not Just for Kids Anymore: 9 Childhood Jobs That Make Great Side Gigs for Adults

17. Looking for a Summer Job? You Might Want to Consider Gigs Instead

18. Clueless About What to Do After Graduation? This New App Might Help

19. 5 Weird Ways to Make Extra Money in College

20. How to Launch a Startup From Your College Dorm Room

21. Students From These 10 Community Colleges Earn the Most After Graduation

How to make money in college
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How to Save Money

Yes, it is actually possible to save money while in school. Don’t believe us? Here are our favorite ways.

22. 21 Awesome Student Discounts Every College Student Should Know About

23. 30 of the Absolute Best Internet Freebies We’ve Ever Found

24. Ready to Start Adulting? Here’s How to Stop Asking Your Parents for Money

25. Save Money as a College Student: 5 Ways to Tackle Your Biggest Expenses

26. How Joining a Sorority Helped Me Save Money in College

27. Got an .Edu Email Address? Use It to Score These 12 Student Discounts

28. These 6 Clever Strategies Will Help You Avoid a Fifth Year of College 

29. How Much Does It Cost to Apply to College? Turns Out, It's Not Cheap

30. 7 Smart Tips to Keep You From Going Broke Your First Year of College

How to make money in college
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Paying Off Student Loan Debt

Once you graduate, you might have those fun little things called student loans.

All right, they probably won’t be little — or fun — but before you panic, check out these ways to make paying them off a little less painful.

31. I Paid Off $11K in Student Loans in 4 Years Making $15/Hour. Here’s How

32. Why You Should Tackle Your Student Loan Interest Before You Graduate

33. She Graduated College Debt-Free With $40K in Savings. Want to Do the Same?

34. How This Blogger Paid Off $15K in Student Loans Before Graduating From College

35. This College Grad Paid Off $50K in Student Loans in 18 Months. Here's How 

36. 4 Big Changes That Helped Me Wipe Out $68K of Student Loan Debt

37. This Couple Paid Off $13K in 2 Years — on a Combined Salary of $28K

Your Turn: Will you try any of these ways to make and save money in college?

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