Snag an Internship at These 25 Companies and You’ll Make Serious Bank

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Internships are a mixed bag.

Some let you drink beer and travel the world, while others leave you organizing storage closets in the cold, recessed corners of the office while you fight off more than one creepy-crawly offender (all in the name of “paying your dues,” I guess).

Some internships are unpaid, while others are, well, a little overpaid. And then there are some that are downright illegal.

Either way, internships were created to be invaluable learning experiences — stepping stones for inexperienced workers looking to break into their fields in an impactful way.

But what about those internships that are also invaluable earning experiences?

Glassdoor recently released a list of the 25 highest paying internships in the U.S., and the results are… a little insane.

It turns out, the highest paid interns in the country make more than the average American worker.

Whoa, what?

A Little Shocking, But Not Surprising

Are you struggling to grasp those numbers right now? Allow me to do some calculations.

According to local pay reports from Glassdoor, the median salary for the average full-time U.S. worker is $51,350, which works out to about $4,200 a month.

The lowest paid internship on this list, which is offered by Bank of America, comes in at $4,570 a month.

And the highest paid internship on the list? That honor belongs to Facebook, at $8000 a month. That would work out to nearly $100,000 over the course of a year.

But while it’s a little shocking to see internships offering such high compensation, most of the companies included here are actually unsurprising as far as high-salaried jobs go. Also included are Microsoft (at number two), Amazon (at number five), Apple (at number six) and Google (at number eleven).

The list is mostly comprised of tech and finance giants, so it makes sense that they’re fishing for some pretty high-stakes talent with those high-stakes wages: a number of the internships at Facebook even require applicants to be pursuing PhDs.

It’s Not Necessarily Easy Money

While some internships require little more than the ability to alphabetize files or remember eight Starbucks orders at once, the ones on this list are a little more involved.

At Salesforce, which is ranked number four on the list with an average monthly paycheck of $6,450, interns “work on real projects that affect how the business runs, giving them the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the future of the company,” notes Glassdoor.

At number 17 on the list, offering an average monthly paycheck of $5,120, Adobe states that “you’ll put your smarts to work on business-critical projects with the top talents in your field,” and that interns may very well be offered a full-time position at the end of their internship experience.

This “Diary of An Ex-Apple Intern” gives an inside look at one intern’s experience, detailing his role in the company and how he ended up with offers from recruiters from other top companies in the industry.

So while those big ol’ paychecks are certainly enticing, getting a foot in the door might be the sweetest perk of all. Being able to cite one of these 25 companies on a resume could open a lot of doors for someone just starting out in their field.

You can see Glassdoor’s full list of the 25 highest paying internships here.

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