Would You Crowdfund the Costs of Attending Your Friends’ Weddings?

Weddings are a ridiculously expensive racket.

If you’ve ever been asleep on your feet working a full-time job and a side hustle (or two), you know the dread of opening the inevitable heavy envelope with the loopy script: a wedding invitation.

Then you get invited to the bridal shower. And the bachelorette party. And the pre-wedding trip to the nail salon.

And if you have to travel to any or all of those events, then holy moly — your wallet is doomed.

Why One Woman Is Crowdfunding Her Wedding Attendance

One woman decided it takes a village to send her to all her friends’ weddings this year.

She set up a crowdfunding page hoping people would find the plight of the modern millennial funny enough to throw in a few bucks toward her travel, bridesmaid dresses or even gifts for the happy couples.

The Billfold interviewed this enterprising individual, who has raised $300 of her (admittedly arbitrary) $3,000 goal.

Whether or not you believe asking people to fund your social life is appropriate, here’s the most telling part of the interview:

We’re spending all this money to go fly around going to bachelorette parties out of town, we’re paying for hotels, dresses, makeup, hair, gifts. At some point it becomes less about the fact that two people are getting married and more about this whole industry.

It’s exciting and it’s fun and a lot of it is great, but I think there are so many people that are our age right now that are experiencing this.

If you’re not getting married right now, you feel like, hey, don’t you recognize that all of my friends are getting married too? I know this is your special day, but I’m also having to do this for five different people.

There’s always the option of skipping weddings or only attending the ones close to where you live. But will you look back and regret the experiences you could have shared with the people you love?

We’ve talked before about how to budget when you have to attend a lot of weddings in the same year.

Or maybe your best bet is to start trying to figure out how to make money off everyone’s weddings, instead of just crowdfunding your way there.

Your Turn: Do you go to all your friends’ weddings, even if you’re on a tight budget? Would you consider crowdfunding to go?

Lisa Rowan is a writer, editor and podcaster living in Washington, D.C. She’s not a huge fan of weddings.

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