10 #MoneyIsntImportantBut Tweets That Remind How Useful Cash Actually Is

Heather Comparetto / The Penny Hoarder

We all know money isn’t the most important thing in the world.

But it does help with a lot of important things. That’s why we work so hard to make more… and spend less… and save as much as we can.

Prompted by pop culture blogger Dana Cortez with the trending hashtag #MoneyIsntImportantBut, these 10 people explain exactly why it’s money that makes the world go ‘round.

1. Someone said this would be worth it one day.

@choo2008 via Twitter

They were wrong, weren’t they? I think it’s time to downsize.

2. Can money buy happiness?

When you’re right, you’re right

3. It can, at least, buy the best memories.

You go, girl! Now, please eat a vegetable.

4. It can get you through the night.

You’re going to need to pinch pennies on those cocktails.

5. Oh, and the money you needed to get smart enough to make more money?

You’re going to pay that back.

6. Don’t forget the money you need to get to the places where you spend all the money.

Yeah, that’s gonna cost you, too.

7. The truth doesn’t come cheap.


8. Don’t forget the essentials.

And beer, for a well-rounded meal.

9. How we all feel about money, deep down.

Can’t deny it.

10. If you have enough of it…

Sleep tight.

Your Turn: Money isn’t important, but… what kind of difference does it make in your life?

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