This Could Have a HUGE Impact on Your Finances — and Only Takes 5 Minutes

Register to vote
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OK, so I have a confession to make: This post isn’t exactly about money. At least not like many of our other helpful, tips-filled posts.

But it is about something really, super, wicked important: registering to vote. So my amazing editor is letting me write it.

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The election is only a few months away. And though voting is always part of your civic duty, I’d venture to say it’s even more critical this year.

And a startup called HelloVote is making it easier than ever to register: All you need is a cell phone.

Translation: You have ZERO excuses not to do it…

How to Register to Vote with HelloVote

This new platform is the easiest way EVER to register to vote. Here’s what you have to do:  

  1. Enter your phone number on this page, or text HELLO to 384-387.
  1. The chatbot will ask you a series of questions.
register to vote
  1. In some states, you’re all done — HelloVote submits your registration for you.

In other states, the company sends you a pre-filled form by email.

Don’t have a printer? It’ll send you a pre-filled form by mail, along with a stamped envelope — so all you have to do is sign and mail it.

register to vote

You also have the option to do everything via Facebook Messenger, rather than text message.

And you don’t have to be nervous about giving out your details: HelloVote promises your information is securely encrypted.

The platform was created by two nonprofit digital rights advocacy groups, so in its words: “We take your privacy seriously and we would never do anything shady with your information.”

Registering to vote doesn’t get easier than this.

Since I’m already registered, I asked our staff writer Dana Sitar to try it out. She said the “questions are in a friendly tone and super easy to answer.”

When she didn’t know which address she’d registered with previously, she opted to skip the question — and proceeded without a hitch.

At the end, she chose the print-it-yourself option.

“It emailed my form, filled out and ready to sign with the address pre-filled AND postage paid,” she explained. “It included super-easy instructions and big bold text where I might have to add information to the form.”

The TL;DR, according to Sitar? “It’s quite awesome.”

Because you’ll complete the process in a few minutes (without even getting in your car), you’ll save precious time — time you could use to work, start a side hustle or read up on the importance of saving for retirement.

Not to mention, voting is one of the best ways to affect economic policies that could have a HUGE impact on your finances in the long run.

Don’t you want to have a voice? I thought so.

Please, register to vote. Like, now.

Your Turn: Are you registered yet? What do you think of HelloVote?

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