The Penny Hoarder’s Ultimate Guide to Teaching Your Kids about Money

Teaching kids about money
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Every year during Financial Literacy Month — April — the American Bankers Association celebrates Teach Children to Save Day.

The holiday is part of the Teach Children to Save education initiative that bankers participate in year round. Today and throughout the year, bankers around the country reach out to kids in their communities to teach the value of saving.

Here Are Our Best Articles on Teaching Kids About Money

We’re not bankers, but we sure do support financial literacy for kids (and kids at heart)! Here’s the best advice we’ve found to help you set your kids up for a bright future.

What to Know — Even if You’re Bad With Money

  • Only 17 states require personal finance education — even though it’s proven to result in higher credit scores. That means it’s up to you to teach your kids about money, whether you’re an expert or not.

Extreme Methods From Real Parents

  • Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay won’t leave any of his money to his kids — here’s why.

Advice From Money Experts

  • No one wants a toddler who throws tantrums whenever they don’t get their way or a teenager who doesn’t appreciate what they’ve been given. (Er, we assume.) If you want to raise money-savvy kids who aren’t spoiled, try these nine tips.

Talking About College

  • While higher education feels like a certainty for younger generations, what’s uncertain is just how they’ll pay for it. Help your kids get an education without a lifetime of debt by talking to them about it now.

(Pst, don’t know where to start the conversation? Our guide to student loans should help.)

When Your Kids Are REALLY Young

Your Turn: What tips can you add for teaching kids about money?

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