These Are the Best Days to Buy Your Sweetie Wine and Chocolates for V-Day

Young woman writing a valentine card - top view
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When is Valentine’s Day?

That’s a question I find myself asking every year. I’m not a bad husband. It’s just my wife’s birthday falls on Feb. 12 (Our favorite president’s B-day!), so we tend to lump the two holidays together.

The answer is actually Feb. 14.

But here’s an even better question: When’s the best time to stock up on chocolate and wine for your significant other?

To answer that question, we tapped into data from Ibotta, a cash-back app.

But we went one step further and came up with answers for deeper inquiries, too. Like, which state buys the most chocolate before Valentine’s Day? And what are the most popular treats this time of year?

Maybe the most pressing question: How can I save the most money around this time of year?

For that, simply downloading Ibotta and using it when you shop for your sweetie is the answer. For example, right now you can snag $2 back if you buy Ben & Jerry’s Pint Slices and a pint of B&J’s ice cream. Sweet!

For all the other answers, here’s a visual guide to questions you’ve probably asked about buying stuff around Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day By The Numbers
Kristy Gaunt / The Penny Hoarder

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