Boston Harbor Will Pay You to Live on One of Its Islands This Summer

Island caretaker jobs
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Looking for a summer job?

The Boston Harbor national recreation area is seeking seasonal island caretakers — and the gig sounds so cool that I might just pack my bags and go.

If you love nature and are seeking an escape from the city, keep reading…

How to Become a Seasonal Island Caretaker

As an island caretaker, your duties would include helping and interacting with visitors, grooming trails and managing volunteers and their projects.

The position starts in mid-June and runs through early September. On-island housing is provided and “ranges from dormitory to camping style living with limited utilities.” (So be prepared for a rustic experience!)

The pay is $1366.80 bi-weekly, which comes out to about $2733 per month.

To be eligible for the position, you must be at least 18, “safety conscious and familiar with materials and equipment used in park maintenance” and have a valid driver’s license.  

Want to apply?

Send a resume, cover letter and DCR seasonal application to Tim Getchell at timothy.getchell(at)

Priority will be given to people who apply within 14 days of the position’s posting — which means you have a week to get your application in.

Isn’t it time to live the island life?!

Your Turn: Does this job look like fun?

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