An Employer’s Guide to Hiring With CareerBuilder

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Hiring is a huge headache. Finding new employees is a pain. Why not make finding qualified candidates as easy on yourself as possible?

If you’re hiring online, you’ll quickly find dozens of different job boards and online recruiting platforms, in all shapes and sizes. How are you supposed to know which one is best for you?

Consider going with the one with more than 25 years of experience — CareerBuilder, which gives you affordable access to nearly 90 million job candidates. And now you can try it out for free.

The best part is, it’ll do a lot of the work for you. For every job opening you post, CareerBuilder uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically match you with qualified candidates. It also sends your digital “Help Wanted” ad to qualified candidates via its website, app and emails.

And, since different-sized companies have different hiring needs, CareerBuilder offers a selection of different plans for employers. No matter what industry you’re in, whether you’re a recruiter for a major corporation or just a mom-and-pop business looking to fill a single position, it’s got you covered.

Whether you’re hiring for remote positions, in-office positions or hybrid positions, CareerBuilder can find you more candidates that you’ll want to hire for your team.

Here’s our step-by-step guide for employers on how to hire the right person through CareerBuilder.

Cutting-Edge Tech Makes It Easy to Use

The first thing to know: CareerBuilder for employers makes advertising a job opening as easy as possible. With its sophisticated but easy-to-use AI job posting tool, the site will help you get started and then guide you along the way.

This cool and useful tool will do the following things for you:

  • It shows you salary trends and what salary ranges your local competitors are offering for the same kind of positions in your industry, so you can adjust if necessary. This is crucial data.
  • It offers specific recommendations for how to boost your job posting’s candidate appeal.
  • It writes job responsibilities automatically, meaning you can post a job five times faster. This cuts the average time it takes to post a job from 25 minutes down to just five.
  • It gives you control over your own branding, so your business can showcase its company culture and set itself apart from the competition.

These recruiting solutions are all designed to make the hiring process faster and easier.

Choose a Plan that Fits Your Needs

CareerBuilder for employers has three different plans. Depending on your hiring needs, you can post one to five jobs per month, for $299 to $599 per month.

Each plan allows you to view up to 500 job seekers’ resumes per month. Each plan also comes with resume-match notifications, alerts whenever someone applies for your job opening and the ability to create custom candidate lists to help you manage all your job candidates.

Free Trial

The site is currently offering employers a free trial, so you can test out its services. It’s a five-day free trial. You have to enter a credit card number, but there’s no charge. At the end of five days, you’ll be asked whether you wish to continue. At the time of this writing, there’s not an automatic renewal; you have to choose to continue.

Lite Package

$299: This entry-level plan includes one job posting per month.

Standard Package

$399: This plan, the most popular choice, includes three job postings per month.

Pro Package

$599: The premium plan, which offers the most savings per job listing, includes five job postings per month.

Build Your Own

There’s also a “Build Your Own” package, which starts at $375 per month. It starts with one job posting and 30 days of access to resume searches. With this plan, each additional job listing costs $250.

A Toolbox of Candidate Screening Tools

Founded in 1995, CareerBuilder LLC is headquartered in Chicago. But besides Chicago, it has offices in Canada, Europe and Asia, with its international headquarters in London.  CareerBuilder LLC operates in about two dozen countries besides the U.S.

It offers a large database of resumes, access to linked social profiles, support for a host of third-party applicant tracking systems, integrations with leading Applicant Tracking Systems, automated emails and instrumental add-ons like candidate sourcing.

Helpful features, like its candidate-screening service, “Source and Screen,” can support and enhance your recruitment campaign with candidate screening, job-post promotion, branding and other data. It’ll make your recruitment efforts work properly and efficiently.

Smaller HR departments might find Source and Screen to be one of the most impactful services offered by the site. This program outsources to partners its branding, job post promotion, candidate sourcing and screening duties.

You can even check out hiring and industry news trends on the site.

A Mobile-First Strategy for Today’s Job Seeker

One more thing: CareerBuilder meets your job candidates where they are. More than 70% of its traffic comes from mobile. That’s why its job postings are designed to be mobile-first, so job seekers can find your jobs on the go.

So, if you want to hire new employees with the necessary skills, but without it being a huge headache, give CareerBuilder a try. Click here to start your five-day free trial.

Mike Brassfield ([email protected]) is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.