ZipRecruiter vs. Craigslist: 2023 Comparison

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When you’re looking to fill a position or hoping to find a new job for yourself, where you look can be almost as important as what you’re looking for.

So depending on what the open position is — or what a qualified candidate looks like — the job board itself should be taken into consideration before the job hunt begins. Looking for your company’s next Director of Marketing? ZipRecruiter is likely the best job site to find them. Seeking a position that doesn’t require a degree? Craigslist has thousands of these types of jobs available in your area.

We’re breaking down the key differences between these two job boards, so you can make the most of your time when looking for a job or hoping to find top talent.

What is ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter has only been around for a little over a decade, but it has already positioned itself as the top job site for finding and creating job postings.

Job seekers can use the job-searching engine to look for open positions. They can also upload their resume and be matched with jobs that ZipRecruiter’s algorithm shows they’d be a top candidate for.

Companies that are hiring can post job openings and find quality candidates through ZipRecruiter’s easy-to-use platform. Not only will ZipRecruiter’s artificial intelligence algorithm find top talent for them, it will also syndicate each job posting to more than 100 other job boards to open up the applicant pool even more and make the hiring process more streamlined.

What is Craigslist?

Craigslist is best known for being a local marketplace where people can find almost anything — furniture, rooms to rent, missed connections and even legal help.

But a major portion of Craigslist’s business is as one of the top-job hunting sites for part-time work, manual labor, side gigs or more.

ZipRecruiter for Employers

ZipRecruiter was rated the No. 1 hiring site in the U.S. in 2020, earning the top spot thanks to its ease-of-use for posting jobs and finding quality job candidates. ZipRecruiter has customizable templates for different positions and includes the ability to create screening questions for candidates to streamline the interview process. It also uses AI to scan potential candidates and the ZipRecruiter resume database for top matches on the employer’s behalf.

A unique feature ZipRecruiter offers is pre-written job descriptions that make it easy for hiring managers to post jobs and quickly help employers find potential qualified employees. They can also swap out job postings whenever an opening has been filled, instead of being stuck with a set time frame to keep each job posting live.

ZipRecruiter has a mobile app, which lets employers create job postings, screen candidates and contact support from anywhere. Support is available via phone, online chat or email.

Craigslist for Employers

Craigslist is a cost-effective solution for employers looking to fill jobs. There are no subscriptions required, just a flat fee for each job posting. They don’t even need to create an account to post jobs if they don’t want to.

There are no flashy features, like team collaboration, resume searches or the ability to manage applicants. Job listings won’t be syndicated to 100 other job boards like with ZipRecruiter either. But if a hiring manager knows exactly what they’re looking for, they can upload new job openings to the Craigslist job boards in a matter of minutes.

Employers looking to hire on Craigslist can get an unlimited number of emails from potential candidates, but are unable to search through any sort of resume database to find local candidates themselves.

ZipRecruiter vs Craigslist: Comparing Costs for Employers

ZipRecruiter’s prices start as low as $16 per day for one reusable job posting and increases based on a number of factors, including industry, resume downloads and number of users you want on your account. But the features that come with the subscription can make the monthly cost worthwhile.

One money-saving tactic for employers using ZipRecruiter is having a reusable job slot. Meaning job posts aren’t locked in for 30 days, and they can be swapped out for another position as soon as the other posting has closed.

Craigslist is by far the least expensive option for employers looking to speed up their hiring process. A 30-day job posting costs between $10 and $75 depending on the location. Individual listings can’t be swapped out for new ones — instead employers will need to create a new posting, but they can post as many jobs as they want at any given time. All they need to do is pay with their credit card for a new listing.

ZipRecruiter vs. Craigslist for Job Seekers

The key differences between ZipRecruiter and Craiglist for people who are on the job search are the types of positions that are typically posted and the ability — or inability — to have potential employers reach out to them.

ZipRecruiter has an easy job search function, plus employers can use artificial intelligence to find job seekers to interview, making the process much more streamlined and efficient.

Applying to a Craigslist job is similar to how people acquire things from other Craigstlist posts — job searching users need to email or call the poster and hope to hear back from them. There isn’t a way to track applications or answer screening questions to make yourself stand out.

The type of position someone is looking for should determine which job board they use first to find a position. Side gigs, part-time and manual labor tend to have more options on Craigslist, while ZipRecruiter is better known for full-time positions.


When it comes to comparing job boards, knowing what you’re looking for is important before making a decision on where to start.

If you’re starting your job search, think about what kind of job you’re looking for. Are you looking for a side gig, or something that doesn’t require a university degree? Craigslist can be a good solution for you to land a job quickly.

Employers on a small budget will also benefit from Craigslist’s affordable job site. For as little as $10 each, they can post as many jobs as they want — but will have to do a lot more leg work when it comes to sorting through unqualified applicants and manually handling the entire hiring process.

But with the ability to simply syndicate job postings, create sponsored jobs, boost team collaboration and take advantage of the job site’s artificial intelligence, there’s a reason why ZipRecruiter has been named the No. 1 website for an employer’s hiring needs. It has a nearly perfect rating on TrustPilot, taking it to the top spot above all the other job boards, including Monster.

As for people hoping to get plenty of resume views as they search for the best job for them, ZipRecruiter has thousands of potential employers and millions of jobs to search through. And with the recruiting process made simple for a potential employer, it then makes it easier for a candidate to make it through the job-search process.