Count Me-ow In: Get Paid to Live on a Greek Island and Care for 55 Cats

This is the purr-fect job for a cat lover.

If you hated that pun, it’s probably best that you move along now.

But if you have the proper cat-itude, this job posted by God’s Little People Cat Rescue has enough perks to fill nine lives:

  1. Care for 55 cats.
  2. On the Greek island of Syros.
  3. In a secluded nature preserve. (Built-in kitty litter!)
  4. Stay in a rent-free tiny house.
  5. The place includes free water and electricity.
  6. And a direct view to the Aegean Sea.
  7. It’s a part-time job. (More time to see the island!)
  8. You get paid.
  9. Fur real. (OK, I ran out of perks.)


Job requirements include feeding, medicating and keeping tab-bies on the kitty crew, which includes some ferals.

Cat-whispering abilities are a must, according to the job post, which notes that the ideal candidate is 45 years or older. Owning a lot of yarn probably wouldn’t hurt either.

You’ll also need to be able to drive a car with a manual transmission so you can take your feline charges to the vet when they have me-owwies.

The gig starts in November and will last for a minimum of six months. The first two to four weeks of training in October is unpaid, but you still get free accommodations, which you’ll share with some of the cats.

Paws-itively ready to apply? Send an email to [email protected] that includes your qualifications and a photo — consider this the perfect opportunity to don your Mr. Whiskers sweatshirt.

Richard Bowell said in an email that his wife Joan, who owns the sanctuary, has been inundated with applicants after the post went viral earlier this month.

But they’re still accepting applications until the end of August, so there’s no room for pro-cat-stination.

Tiffany Wendeln Connors is a staff writer with The Penny Hoarder. Even though she suspects her coworkers won’t look her directly in the eye after reading this punny post, she’s feline fine.