15 Good-Paying Data Entry Jobs From Home for Fast and Focused Typists

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Demand for data entry jobs from home has seen an enormous increase since the start of the pandemic, and the trend has yet to reverse.

If you are looking to pick up extra cash as a side gig or focus on data entry as a main source of income, you’ll want our tips for finding the best online data entry jobs.

In this post, we cover:

What Is Data Entry?

First things first, what does a data entry clerk do, and are you cut out for it?

The job is pretty cut and dry; it’s exactly what it sounds like. As a data entry professional, you will input data into some kind of computerized database. That often means transcribing data from recorded phone calls or from electronic or physical documents.

While some data entry jobs are office based, many companies are giving employees the flexibility to perform their jobs from their own home. In fact, some companies now have fully remote data entry workforces.

Several industries are in need of data entry keyers and data entry clerks, including healthcare, government, retail, finance and administrative.

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Data Entry Skills

What basic skills do you need to get a data entry job from home? This list includes the most commonly cited in data entry job listings

  • Typing skills
  • Organization and attention to detail
  • Experience with common software
  • Deadline driven
  • Customer service experience

Typing skills

Typing skills are the number one prerequisite to a data entry job. The entire role is built around your ability to efficiently and accurately input (i.e., type) data into spreadsheets or software. If you aren’t a decent typist, this is not the job for you. Yes, many programs point out misspellings and other grammar errors, but if you have to spend a lot of time correcting typos, then you are losing money.

Organization and attention do detail

You may be sifting through piles of data in this role, and it is important that you keep it all organized. As you will often be transcribing data from one system to another, attention to detail is key.

Experience with common software

In general, basic computer skills are necessary. Preferably, you will have experience with both Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel) and the Google Suite (Google Docs, Google Sheets). Basic understanding of the two most common business email platforms, Outlook and Gmail, is also helpful.

Deadline driven

Especially in a work-from-home capacity, employers will be looking for someone who is self-motivated and can make deadlines.

Customer service experience

While not all data entry positions require customer interaction, having experience in customer service, like at a call center, can be advantageous.

Note: While this is not a skill, another prerequisite for a data entry job from home is high-speed internet access (and of course, a home computer system), especially if you will be working with large audio files or video files. Dual monitors can also be helpful.

On the hunt for remote work? Check out these 32 work-from-home companies.

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Data Entry Education Requirements

Most work-from-home data entry jobs require a high school diploma or GED. Depending on the industry, you may need a bachelor’s degree, but this is rare. The medical field in particular often has steeper education requirements.

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Data Entry Salaries

The best part about at-home data entry jobs? You can do them in your PJs while binge-watching Netflix and eating ice cream.

The worst part about at-home data entry jobs? You get paid what you would imagine you would for a job that lets you work in your PJs while binge-watching Netflix and eating ice cream.

Right now, Payscale estimates $14.03 an hour as the average hourly rate in the U.S., with a typical range between $10 and $15. While that’s not much, it is significantly better than minimum wage in many states and it’s not too shabby for an entry-level position.

The moderate pay for largely unskilled labor, done at home, is a great way to supplement your current income. But if you were to make it a full-time job, working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year at today’s rate, you still wouldn’t crest $30,000 a year, and it will be challenging to nail down benefits like health insurance, a 401(k) and paid time off..

Keep in mind that companies often hire data entry workers as independent contractors. Independent contractors pay more in taxes (and don’t get company benefits). While a remote job inherently has other benefits like flexibility to make your own schedule and lack of a commute, you will need to be comfortable with a different tax structure.

However, independent contractors can deduct expenses on their taxes, including business expenses like high speed internet access.

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Legitimate Companies vs. Data Entry Scams

The internet is a wonderful place; it is also a dangerous place. And unfortunately, people often use it to take advantage of those who are facing financial hardship and desperate for cash.

Be cautious when researching data entry jobs from home. Use a thoroughly vetted job posting site (more on those in the next section), and look out for red flags.

Here are some common red flags that should make you think twice about accepting (or even applying for) certain data entry positions:

  • An unreasonably high salary.
  • A required training or administrative fee to get started.
  • A required purchase of a business kit.
  • A contact who is secretive about their identity.
  • A request for your banking information, for your Social Security number or for you to cash a check.

In general, if a job either 1) seems too good to be true (a lot of money for not a lot of work) or 2) requires some kind of upfront investment from you, it’s probably a scam.

Our ultimate guide for making money from home includes 32 ways to bring in cash while sipping coffee. 

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Best Job Sites for Finding Data Entry Jobs

Because there are a lot of scammers out there, we recommend sticking to one of these tried and true job listing sites when searching for a data entry job from home:


FlexJobs is one of the best sites to find any kind of work-from-home job with flexible hours. Most companies that are searching for remote employees will post the job listing on FlexJobs.

According to FlexJobs, any job listing on their site for a remote data entry clerk goes through a formal vetting process by a market researcher at FlexJobs. All employers on the site are reputable.


Indeed is one of the best all-around employment sites, whether you’re looking for something remote or in-person. Because of the platform’s global presence, you can trust that you’ll find some of the best data entry jobs available on the site.

How does Indeed work to provide listings for only legitimate data entry jobs? The company employs teams globally whose sole focus is to validate the safety and authenticity of any jobs posted to the site. That said, Indeed also offers education for job seekers to help them avoid scams.


Glassdoor is famous for giving a voice to employees, allowing them to anonymously review their employers, share salaries and more. But it also has its own job boards, including for remote jobs in data processing.

Importantly, Glassdoor says that they actively monitor job postings and remove any postings that are suspected of being fraudulent.


LinkedIn is more than a social network site for corporate ladder-climbers. It’s also a great resource when hunting for a new role as a remote data entry specialist.

Just be cautious. Scammers have been known to make fake job postings on LinkedIn. Be smart when reviewing jobs; remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is a scam.


Like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter is an excellent recruiting tool for employers and an excellent job-finding resource for job seekers. ZipRecruiter is a legitimate website that you should feel safe using. However, like with any site, be cautious about any listings that seem off.

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15 Best Companies Offering Online Data Entry Jobs from Home

While many companies continue to enter the remote hiring game in the data entry field, there are 15 standout companies that are consistently hiring for online data entry jobs. Each of these is a reputable company and pays decently enough for the line of work. Look for openings on the careers page to get started.

While pay varies and often depends on your performance, 10 of these 15 jobs can pay around $15 an hour, some even at entry level.

Note: These are listed alphabetically. We have not ranked these, as their job offerings, benefits and salaries fluctuate too much.

1. AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global primarily hires independent contractors for transcription roles (more on those below), but they do often have data entry positions as well. Because there can be overlap in these roles, you may have luck applying for either role.

In general, AccuTran Global pays per word; if you complete difficult tasks, you may even earn a bonus. At the time of publication, AccuTran has openings for Canadian transcriptionists at .004 cents per word. If you type the required 70 words per minute, that’s 28 cents a minute or $16.80 an hour.

To apply to work with AccuTran Global, only press the blue “Apply for Work” button on their website; do not fall for ongoing scams related to this company. AccuTran Global has reported an increase in scams targeting potential employees, asking for their credit card information. This is not AccuTran Global.

2. Adecco

Adecco hires for a variety of office, clerical and administrative tasks, including receptionists, administrative assistants and data entry specialists. According to Indeed, you can expect roughly $14 an hour if you go the remote data entry work route.

3. Aerotek

Aerotek is a recruiting and staffing company that is often looking for data entry workers, even in a remote capacity. Based on more than 200 salaries, Indeed estimates you could earn an average of $14.76 an hour.

4. Ajilon

Like Aerotek, Ajilon is focused on professional staffing. That means they are focused on helping connect companies with potential employees. Part of their own internal staffing needs, however, involve data entry.

Right now, Ajilon is advertising a mean salary of $35,390 a year, or roughly $17.01 per hour.

5. Amazon mTurk

Amazon mTurk (Amazon Mechanic Turk) is a hodgepodge of tens of thousands tasks for independent contractors. Among those tasks is entering data. You will need to register with the site and then select human intelligence tasks (HITs) that are up your alley.

However, you only receive payment if your work is accepted. Be on the lookout for fraudulent listings.

Pay at Amazon mTurk varies (expect more for delivery and warehouse tasks), but according to Indeed, the average annual take-home pay for a data entry clerk is just under $20,000.

6. Axion Data Entry Services

Independent contractors looking for a long-term remote job in data entry should start their search with Axion. However, Axion is generally looking for two to three years of data entry experience and a typing speed of 50 words per minute (with no errors, of course).

If you score a job doing data entry work with Axion Data Entry Services, you should expect payment on a per-piece basis. So the faster you can type, the more lucrative the role will be.

Based on a single reported salary, Glassdoor estimates $12 to $13 an hour.

Note: Axion does require a fee to be registered in the database. Despite earlier guidance about not paying for a job, you can rest assured these are legitimate data entry jobs and the fee is $5 to $10.

A current data entry job scam is targeting potential employees under the guise of being Axion. If the email address does not end in @axiondata.com, it is a scam.

7. Capital Typing

Based in South Carolina, Capital Typing outsources several virtual office services. But data entry clerk jobs are just one aspect of the company; they are also looking for remote workers who can offer customer support, secretarial services and market research.

Based on a single Glassdoor review, a transcriber and transcript proofreader earns roughly $40 an hour at Capital Typing. This is not likely an entry-level role.

8. Clickworker

Clickworker is a task-based site. One of those short tasks is data entry (labeled categorization), but Clickworker is also looking for writers, copyeditors, researchers, survey takers, app testers and more. Pay can vary, but on average, you can expect up to $9 an hour.

9. Conduent

Conduent is an IT and services company with a near-constant need for data entry work. Right now, Conduent is hiring remote data entry operators at $13.50 an hour, with the ability to earn up to $20 an hour after completing online courses. Check regularly for more data entry jobs at Conduent.

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10. Microworkers

You can browse various tasks on Microworkers, including data entry tasks. You’ll only be paid if your work is accepted, and payment goes to your PayPal account.

You will need to create an account (for free) before you can browse available jobs on the website.

11. Robert Half Talent Solutions

Robert Half technically hires remote roles, but they would still like you to be based in a specific city. Right now, they’re looking for remote data entry clerks in New York City, San Francisco and a handful of other locations. Salary varies, but right now, they are advertising up to $23.10 an hour (in New York City).

12. Scribie

Scribie is technically looking for transcription services, but the work can be easy and is always legit, so we wanted to include it. At Scribie, you will transcribe audio and video files. For each hour of audio transcribed, you can earn anywhere from $5 to $25.

You will be graded on your work on a 5-point scale. Your average grade must stay above 2.75 to continue getting work.

You can find open data entry projects on the Scribie website.

13. SigTrack

Want to get paid to work from home and work to improve your community? SigTrack looks for independent contractors to work with voter registration data, petition signers and other forms. They hold employees to high standards, looking for at least 98% accuracy; in fact, pay is based on accuracy.

Because the work is centered on voter registrations, government agencies and elections, SigTrack is only hiring at certain times each year.

14. Ultimate Staffing Services

Ultimate Staffing Services is often looking for data entry clerks and is open to work-from-home scenarios. According to Indeed, the average data specialist there makes $15.85 an hour.

11. Working Solutions

Working Solutions offers a plethora of work-from-home jobs and has earned FlexJobs’ Top 100 Remote Work Companies to Watch for the last three years. Working Solutions is often looking for data entry services. Some roles pay per hour (an average pay of $15 an hour) while others pay per record or entry.

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Other Work-From-Home Jobs Similar to Data Entry

Interested in working from home (gotta wear those PJs somewhere, after all) but not sure that data entry projects are your cup of tea? Here are two other jobs that allow you to work remotely:

Customer service

Many companies are looking for work-from-home customer service jobs. In such a role, you may talk on the phone, via chat or over email to help customers resolve their problems. Many major companies have work-from-home customer service openings, including Amazon, Apple, Support.com, and LivePerson.


Transcription is another easy work-from-home job that has little to no education requirements, though computer skills are necessary. Transcription positions require you to listen to audio recordings and type out what was said. Accuracy is key. Check out details for this job.

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