This Trick Lets Me Make Money Each Month Surfing the Web Like I Always Do

Digital Reflection Panel
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I don’t know about you, but when I get home from a long day, I like to plop myself down on the couch and partake in some mindless indulgences.

In other words, surfing social media on my phone or watching Netflix.

Aside from using it to de-stress from work, I use the internet for more than eight hours on any given day — even on the weekends. It’s easy to say that I would probably die without it.

But wouldn’t it be a dream if we could all just get paid to use it? I mean, we’re on it enough…

Well, guess what? You actually can.

Don’t believe me? Well, I found a company that promises to pay me $200 just by connecting a simple device to my wireless router.

Yes, I’m for real. I decided to sign up and here’s what happened:

How to Make Money With Digital Reflection Panel

Photo by Sharon Steinmann / The Penny Hoarder
Photo by Sharon Steinmann / The Penny Hoarder

Digital Reflection Panel wants to pay you over $200 a year to let them gather information about your internet habits in hopes of one day making online experiences even better.

All you have to do is connect a simple device to your wireless router and do device updates every now and then. The rest is taken care of!

It took me about seven minutes to fill out the necessary panel and survey to participate.

Here’s how easy it was for me to sign up:

Step 1: Be Eligible for Membership

The beginning is easy. All you have to do is answer yes to having internet and living in a detached home.

After that, you’ll be approved to help provide research for the company and on your way to free money.

Step 2: Fill out the survey

This is the meat of the work, but the questions are simple.

There are only four sets of question, and each one requires you pick an option or provide a short response.

Make sure you indicate that you do in fact have a wireless router, and that you use wireless devices in your home.

One thing, though: You can’t be sharing your internet connection with neighbors.

This panel is only open to single family homes with their own router tied to their physical address. I guess it’s time to tell your neighbors to stop being freeloaders! 

Also, it’s currently only open to U.S. residents over the age of 18 in households that make more than $75K/year.

Digital Reflection PanelAfter this step, you’re asked to put in your contact info, including your phone number.

Hesitant about giving your number out? Well, Digital Reflection is nice enough to ask what time is best to call you.

I’m always slammed during the week, so I chose weekend afternoons.

Screen Shot 2

After this, I was asked basic questions about my household, including an inquiry about using internet-connected devices.

Digital Reflection Panel

Since I answered “yes” to using them, the next set of questions was about exactly which brands those in my household use — including my dog.

Just kidding.

Digital Reflection Panel

Digital Reflection Panel

After that — and a few quick questions in between — I was moved on to the last screen, confirming I understood my entire household had to participate, that I had to keep it plugged in at all times, and a few other specifics.

Digital Reflection Panel

Step 3: Start earning money!

Right after completing the survey, I received an email confirming a set-up kit with my meter and step-by-step instructions would be delivered to my home within the next week — with notifications when it shipped and when it arrived!

The meter ended up on my doorstep after only a few days. But I didn’t let it sit on my counter for too long — you’ll earn a $25 bonus for installing it within four days!

Digital Reflection even gave me a call (on the weekend, like I requested) and offered to walk me through each step of the installation process. The manual that came in the box was super detailed, though, so I didn’t even need their help.

After everything was plugged in, I headed to my email inbox, clicked on a link Digital Reflection sent me and punched in some numbers. Then, ta-da! It was all set up.

Just for installing the meter (which takes five minutes per device), I earned $25. On top of that, I’ll get $60 after the first two months, and if I keep it plugged in, I’ll get $10 each month after that.

Cha. Ching.

Kelly Smith is a junior writer and engagement specialist at The Penny Hoarder. Catch her on Twitter at @keywordkelly.