Could You “Unplug” for One Hour? This Company Will Pay You…

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Could you unplug for one hour?

That doesn’t mean put your phone down.

But it does mean you stop your laundry. Leave the dishes. Turn your lights out. You can just sit at home and relax, go run an errand or head to your favorite place to have fun.

This will obviously help you save on your electric bill. But it could also bank you up to $200 a year.


Here’s the scoop…

How to Get Cash and Prizes for Unplugging

OhmConnect is an online service that will reward you in cash and prizes for reducing your energy consumption during specific times of day that it calls #OhmHours.

#OhmHours are when the energy grid is overworking and must rely on dirty power plants to prevent a brownout. Those power plants aren’t really the cleanest, so that’s why it’s important you cut back. This typically occurs once or twice a week in the afternoons or evenings.

So how do you know the energy grid is in overdrive? OhmConnect sends you text or email notifications when #OhmHours are in effect. That’s your cue to to reduce your electricity use for about an hour by turning off lights and appliances or delaying your laundry or dish-washing duties.

Note: OhmConnect can only tap into a few utility companies to monitor your consumption for you. These include California PG&E, SDG&E and SCE customers; as well as Toronto Hydro customers.

Based on how much energy you save, you’ll get rewarded in cash and prizes — like up to $200 a year or even a three-year lease for a Tesla Model S.

How to Sign Up to Get Rewarded for Being Green

Signing up is simpler than you might imagine.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Navigate to OhmConnect. Create an account, or sign up through Facebook.
  2. Connect your utility account.
  3. Verify your account by providing your phone number. You’ll get a text with your access code. Enter that, then you’ll be subscribed to get #OhmHour alerts.
  4. You’re done!

OhmConnect’s currently offering a $10 bonus for new users who connect their utility accounts before Jan. 30. When you’re notified of the next #OhmHour, click the link, and let OhmConnect know how you’re saving energy for that next hour.

If you’re affiliated with one of the above utility companies, OhmConnect will provide you with more detailed information.

Now you can start earning! (And feel better about the environment, too.)

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