Game Review: Bubble Cube 2

One of our "Games That Pay Real Money"
Best for...
  • Classic bubble shooting
  • Free and cash games
  • Competitive tournaments
Overall Rating 4
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Bubble Cube 2 combines classic bubble shooter mechanics with competitive tournaments where players can win money. The Penny Hoarder rates it as one of the Games That Pay Real Money. Here’s our review:

Gameplay: Players aim to match and pop bubbles to clear the board. The game includes strategic elements like power-ups and requires players to be quick and accurate. It’s a skill-based game, meaning your success depends on your ability to play well. Bubble Cube 2 was developed by Tether Studios and is hosted on the Skillz gaming platform.

Cash Tournaments: The app offers cash prize tournaments in addition to free play. These tournaments require a small entry fee, which contributes to the cash prize pool. The entry fees start at around 60 cents but can increase depending on the tournament’s prize pool and the number of participants. Players compete in solo games against each other, and the highest scorer wins the cash prize.

Potential Earnings: The amount you can win varies. Beginners start in lower-tier leagues with prizes ranging from $1 to $20, but as players level up, they can access tournaments with higher payouts, some reaching up to $120 for first place.

Practice Games: Before entering cash tournaments, players can hone their skills in practice games that require in-game currency (Z coins). These games are crucial for developing strategies and understanding the gameplay.

Cashing Out: Winnings can be cashed out using various methods, including PayPal and credit cards. However, there’s a $1.50 fee for withdrawals under $10.

Legitimacy and Risk: Bubble Cube 2 is a legitimate platform for winning cash prizes. However, it’s important to note that playing these games involves financial risk. If you lose a tournament, you lose your entry fee. While the game is based on skill, there’s no guarantee of winning, and many players may end up losing money.

User Reviews: User experiences vary, with some players enjoying the game and others expressing concerns over the difficulty of winning significant amounts and the potential for losing money.

Bottom Line: Bubble Cube 2 is more than just a casual game; it’s a competitive platform where skill can potentially lead to cash rewards. However, as with any game involving real money, it’s important to play responsibly and be aware of the risks involved.


About our TPH Ratings: The Penny Hoarder bases its game ratings on app store reviews and our team’s experiences and insights. We score 1-5 stars overall and for each of three factors: engaging gameplay, the app’s design quality and your chances to win money. Our ratings bear similarities to the app store user reviews but may differ, especially since we’re emphasizing the chance to win money more than many users might. Here’s what we mean by each factor:

  • Engaging gameplay: How fun is the game, and for how long? Is it addictively fun?
  • Design quality: How intuitive is the interface? Are the graphics and controls high-quality? Does the design add to your enjoyment, or does it frustrate you? Does the app ever freeze up or overload you with ads? These are all important factors in design quality.
  • Chance to win money: All of the games on our list offer a legitimate chance to win money, but some are better than others. We take off points if we see multiple reports of a low chance of winning, and for payout difficulties or delays.