Game Review: Pocket7Games

One of our "Games That Pay Real Money"
Best for...
  • Variety of free and cash games
  • 5-minute matches
  • Accommodating different skill level
Overall Rating 5
The Penny Hoarder's Score
Engaging gameplay starstarstarstarstar
Design quality starstarstarstarstar
Chance to win money starstarstarstarirc_half_star

Pocket7Games, developed by Aviagames for IOS, is a multifaceted gaming platform that offers a variety of quick, engaging games with the opportunity to win real cash. It has garnered positive reviews for its diverse game offerings and the potential for real cash winnings. The Penny Hoarder rates it as one of the 21 Games That Pay Real Money. Here’s our review:

Game Variety and User Experience: Pocket7Games hosts an array of games, including Match ‘N Flip (a blend of solitaire and Uno), Solitaire, Bingo Clash (a fast-paced version of classic Bingo), 21 Gold (a twist on Blackjack), Tile Blitz (similar to Tetris), Bubble Buzz (a bubble shooter game), and several others. These games are designed to be fast-paced, usually lasting four to five minutes, and are beginner-friendly, offering an enjoyable experience for players of various skill levels.

Monetary Rewards and Tournaments: Players have the option to compete for cash or tickets. The platform provides free practice rounds, and tickets earned in these rounds can be used to enter cash prize tournaments. For those wishing to maximize their winnings, there are tournaments with entry fees, which offer higher cash prize pools. The winnings from these tournaments are credited to the player’s account and can be withdrawn via PayPal.

Legitimacy and User Feedback: Pocket7Games is considered a legitimate platform for earning real money through gaming. It has received high ratings on the Apple App Store and the Galaxy Store, indicating a positive reception among users. The app’s creators, Avia Games, are known for developing popular games like Bingo Clash and Solitaire Clash, further establishing their credibility in the mobile gaming arena.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Diverse range of games, potential for real cash earnings, user-friendly interface, ad-free gameplay experience, and no limit on earning potential. Cons: Relatively high entry fees for larger tournaments compared to other gaming apps.

Bottom Line: Pocket7Games is a fun and engaging platform for those who enjoy a variety of quick games and are interested in the potential to earn real money.



About our TPH Ratings: The Penny Hoarder bases its game ratings on app store reviews and our team’s experiences and insights. We score 1-5 stars overall and for each of three factors: engaging gameplay, the app’s design quality and your chances to win money. Our ratings bear similarities to the app store user reviews but may differ, especially since we’re emphasizing the chance to win money more than many users might. Here’s what we mean by each factor:

  • Engaging gameplay: How fun is the game, and for how long? Is it addictively fun?
  • Design quality: How intuitive is the interface? Are the graphics and controls high-quality? Does the design add to your enjoyment, or does it frustrate you? Does the app ever freeze up or overload you with ads? These are all important factors in design quality.
  • Chance to win money: All of the games on our list offer a legitimate chance to win money, but some are better than others. We take off points if we see multiple reports of a low chance of winning, and for payout difficulties or delays.