Game Review: Solitaire Cash

One of our "Games That Pay Real Money"
Best for...
  • Solitaire with speed
  • Free and money play
  • Earning up to $83 per win
Overall Rating 4.5
The Penny Hoarder's Overall Score
Engaging gameplay starstarstarstarstar
Design quality starstarstarstarirc_half_star
Chance to win money starstarstarstarirc_half_star
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Solitaire Cash from Papaya Gaming reinvents the classic card game Solitaire and adds the opportunity to win cash. The Penny Hoarder rates it as one of the 24 Games That Pay Real Money.

Combining the nostalgic fun of traditional Solitaire with the excitement of competitive play, Solitaire Cash has quickly gained popularity among mobile gamers. Whether you’re a seasoned Solitaire enthusiast or new to the game, this app offers a unique way to enjoy Solitaire while potentially earning some extra money. Here’s our review.

What Is Solitaire Cash?

Solitaire Cash is a mobile app that transforms the traditional solitaire game into a competitive experience. Developed by Papaya Gaming, it allows players to compete in tournaments for cash prizes. The app combines the familiar Solitaire gameplay with modern features such as leaderboards and competitive matchmaking.

Players can participate in free practice rounds to hone their skills or enter cash tournaments for a chance to win real money. With its easy-to-use interface and engaging gameplay, Solitaire Cash provides a fun and potentially rewarding way to enjoy a classic card game.

Is Solitaire Cash Legit?

Yes, Solitaire Cash is a legitimate gaming app. It enjoys good ratings in the app stores, and The Penny Hoarder rates it high as well. You can genuinely win cash playing it, but as with any money game, you can lose cash, too. You pay an entry fee and receive winnings via PayPal or Apple Pay.

Our advice for determining a game’s legitimacy is to check user ratings and reviews and publisher ratings and reviews. Focus on the ones that provide specifics, not general praise or criticism.

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How Much Money Can You Earn Playing Solitaire Cash?

The amount of money you can earn playing Solitaire Cash varies depending on your skill level and the tournaments you enter. Cash prizes in tournaments can range from as low as $7 to as high as $83, with entry fees typically between $1 and $5.

While some players have reported winning significant amounts, it’s important to remember that not every game will result in a payout, and winnings are not guaranteed. Your earnings will largely depend on your performance in the tournaments and the competition you face.

Solitaire Cash Rating Breakdown

Gameplay and User Experience: Solitaire Cash offers both free practice rounds and paid cash tournaments, allowing players to hone their skills before entering competitive environments. The game features a skill-based matchmaking system, making it a fair playfield for everyone. The fast-paced nature of the game demands speed, accuracy, and strategic thinking. Players are matched against each other, and the quickest to complete the game with the highest score wins. The app’s interface is user-friendly, with intuitive controls and a helpful tutorial for newcomers​​​​​.

Monetary Rewards and Competitions: Solitaire Cash provides players the opportunity to win real money. In cash tournaments, players compete against others with similar skill levels, with the top performers winning cash prizes. The prize pools can range from $7 to $50, and in some cases, as high as $83. However, it’s important to note that participation in these tournaments requires an entry fee, typically ranging from $1 to $5, along with some gems, the in-game currency​​​​.

App Ratings and Popularity: Solitaire Cash has a 4.5-star rating on the Apple App Store and 4 stars on the Samsung Galaxy Store. The game is often praised for its enjoyable gameplay and the opportunity to win real money​​​​​​.

Account Funding and Cash Out: Players can deposit money into their Solitaire Cash account via PayPal or Apple Pay to participate in cash tournaments. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5, and PayPal is the primary method for cashing out winnings. This setup provides a straightforward way for players to manage their funds within the app​​​.

Considerations and Limitations: While Solitaire Cash offers the potential for financial gain, it should primarily be seen as a form of entertainment. The nature of the game, being skill-based with an element of chance, means that winning cannot be guaranteed. It’s also important to note that cash tournaments are not available in certain states due to legal restrictions. As with any game involving real money, players should approach it responsibly and be aware of the risks of gambling​​​.

Bottom Line: Solitaire Cash is a compelling digital adaptation of the classic Solitaire game, offering the added thrill of competing for cash prizes. Its engaging gameplay and the possibility of winning money make it an attractive choice for mobile gamers. However, players should be mindful of the financial risks involved and play responsibly.

About our TPH Ratings: The Penny Hoarder bases its game ratings on app store reviews and our team’s experiences and insights. We score 1-5 stars overall and for each of three factors: engaging gameplay, the app’s design quality and your chances to win money. Our ratings bear similarities to the app store user reviews but may differ, especially since we’re emphasizing the chance to win money more than many users might. Here’s what we mean by each factor:

  • Engaging gameplay: How fun is the game, and for how long? Is it addictively fun?
  • Design quality: How intuitive is the interface? Are the graphics and controls high-quality? Does the design add to your enjoyment, or does it frustrate you? Does the app ever freeze up or overload you with ads? These are all important factors in design quality.
  • Chance to win money: All of the games on our list offer a legitimate chance to win money, but some are better than others. We take off points if we see multiple reports of a low chance of winning, and for payout difficulties or delays.