Game Review: Solitaire Clash

One of our "Games That Pay Real Money"
Best for:
  • Competing against timer
  • Playing other people
  • Cash tournaments at various levels
Overall Rating 4.5
The Penny Hoarder Overall Rating
Engaging gameplay starstarstarstarstar
Design quality starstarstarstarstar
Chance to win money starstarstarstarempty star
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Solitaire Clash, available in the Apple and Galaxy stores, offers a fresh take on the classic Klondike solitaire, complete with opportunities to win real money. The Penny Hoarder rates it as one of the 23 Games That Pay Real Money. Here’s our review:

Gameplay and User Experience:

Solitaire Clash challenges players to arrange all 52 cards in ascending order and by suit to achieve high scores within a 5-minute timer. The game spices up traditional solitaire with competitive elements, allowing players to face off against others in real-time. The gameplay is straightforward, with a tutorial provided to newcomers.

Cash Prize Opportunities:

This game stands out by offering real money tournaments, with prize pools varying significantly, allowing for both casual play and more serious, high-stakes competitions. Entry fees are modest, making it accessible for players to try their luck at winning cash. However, it’s worth noting that the potential to earn substantial sums exists, but like any competitive game, winning is not guaranteed, and players should manage their expectations and gaming budget wisely.

App Store Ratings:

Solitaire Clash is highly rated across various platforms. In the Apple Store, it has 4.8 out of 5 stars across more than 200,000 reviews. In the Samsung Galaxy Store, it has 5 out of 5 stars across 21,000 votes.

Developer Credibility:

Developed by AviaGames, a recognized name in the mobile gaming arena, Solitaire Clash benefits from the company’s experience in creating engaging and reliable gaming apps that focus on real money gaming.


While Solitaire Clash offers the excitement of earning real money, it comes with the typical risks associated with gambling. The game is not available for cash play in all states or regions, which could limit access for some players. Additionally, user feedback has noted the presence of numerous ads and some gameplay glitches that could detract from the overall experience​.

Bottom Line:

Solitaire Clash injects a modern twist into classic solitaire, combining the solitary challenge with the excitement of online competition and cash prizes. It’s well-suited for those who enjoy card games and are looking for an opportunity to test their skills against others for real rewards. With its high user ratings and solid developer reputation, it stands as a compelling choice for mobile gamers.

About our TPH Ratings: The Penny Hoarder bases its game ratings on app store reviews and our team’s experiences and insights. We score 1-5 stars overall and for each of three factors: engaging gameplay, the app’s design quality and your chances to win money. Our ratings bear similarities to the app store user reviews but may differ, especially since we’re emphasizing the chance to win money more than many users might. Here’s what we mean by each factor:

  • Engaging gameplay: How fun is the game, and for how long? Is it addictively fun?
  • Design quality: How intuitive is the interface? Are the graphics and controls high-quality? Does the design add to your enjoyment, or does it frustrate you? Does the app ever freeze up or overload you with ads? These are all important factors in design quality.
  • Chance to win money: All of the games on our list offer a legitimate chance to win money, but some are better than others. We take off points if we see multiple reports of a low chance of winning, and for payout difficulties or delays.