This Brilliant Grandma Shows Us How She Got Her Family Into Disney World for Free

little boy walking through amusement park with family
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Meet Genevieve.

She’s an awesome grandma who earned enough cash on Swagbucks to fulfill her grandson’s dream: a free trip to Disney World.

That’s right — Genevieve was able to pay for a whole week-long theme park vacation just by taking surveys and watching videos in her spare time.

And did I mention she didn’t even have to leave the comfort of her own home?

How This Grandma Used Swagbucks to Save for Disney World

After working hard for 30 years, Genevieve and her husband were thrilled to retire.

But she soon found money was a little tighter than it had been while they’d both been making a regular income — and it cut into her ability to surprise her grandkids.

She loved sending them little treats — “You know, for times that Grammy isn’t around but wants to say, ‘I love you and I’m so proud of you!’,” she says.

That’s when she discovered Swagbucks, and instantly “fell in love” with it.

By taking surveys, watching videos and participating in focus groups, Genevieve watched her Swagbucks points — or SB — grow and grow. She cashed them in for Amazon credits, which her daughter paid her for in Target gift cards.

Then, Genevieve used the Target gift cards to buy Disney gift cards.

When added to the $575 in Disney gift cards she already had, Genevieve earned enough SB within a year to fund a week-long trip for herself, her husband and her grandson.

“I have the trip paid for and an additional $400 in Disney gift cards for spending money,” she explains.

“I also redeemed my Swagbucks for Visa Reward Cards that I used to buy Universal Studios gift cards… [and] for Landry’s eGift Cards, which we will use to eat at T-REX Restaurant at Downtown Disney.”

Whoa. Super impressive, right?

By strategizing how she spent her Swagbucks rewards, Genevieve made her grandson’s dreams came true.

Pretty crazy… just for answering some questions online.

Use Swagbucks to Earn Amazon Gift Cards and More

We’ve seen a lot of survey sites in our time, but none offer the level of tangible, achievable and useful rewards as Swagbucks.

If you’re ready to earn your own, it’s super easy to get started.

Once you sign up, you’ll be invited to participate in surveys to earn SB… sometimes up to 300 SBs for a single 20-minute questionnaire. Not bad! Plus, you’ll get a $5 bonus when you earn 2,500 SB within your first 60 days.

You can also watch videos, search the web and use Swagbucks’ shopping portal — but surveys are the most lucrative.

Every 500 SB you earn will get you a $5 gift card to vendors like Amazon. And as Genevieve showed us, if you’re smart about how you save or spend them, those rewards can really add up.

Plus, Amazon in particular will actually give you SB back when you spend on certain categories of items. You might earn up to 4 SB per dollar spent — the equivalent of 4% cash back!

It’ll take some time, but if you put in half an hour a day filling out Swagbucks surveys while you’re watching TV, you could definitely be on your way to the most magical place on earth.

“For anyone who thinks they can’t afford to go to Walt Disney World, you absolutely can with Swagbucks,” Genevieve says. “I know because I did it.”