How to Make $25 While Sitting in the Doctor’s Office

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Editor’s update: This bonus is no longer available.

Think about all the time you spend waiting…

Waiting for the doctor. Waiting for the subway. Waiting for your Starbucks coffee.

One study suggests that on average, our waiting times add up to 62 minutes a day! That’s crazy!

So, how do you use this time? I’m sure most people use this time to zone out or play cell phone games, but I like to use this time to complete all of the little money-making opportunities we write about on The Penny Hoarder. I take surveys, complete trial offers, participate in bank bonuses, you name it.

Some people might sneeze at making an extra $5 or $10, but I easily make an $100/week during my waiting times. That adds up to more than $5,000 a year and I don’t know anyone who would sneeze at that!

One of these little offers I just completed was from Get this – they’re giving out $25 for about 2 minutes of work….

What is

Betterment is a simple, online tool that allows anyone to invest in stocks & bonds without incurring transaction fees.

It’s become pretty popular with small investors who want to start saving, but can’t afford the expensive fees you find at places like and Merrill Lynch.

How to Get a Free $25 From Betterment…

1.) Open a free account at The form takes about 90 seconds to fill out, so can literally do this while sitting in the doctor’s office or while watching television.

2.) You need to make an opening deposit of $250 or more within 60 days of opening your account.

3.) Once you’ve deposited $250 (and waited 60 days), will deposit a FREE $25 bonus into your account. How easy is that?

You can then withdraw your entire account balance or you can keep the $275 invested and earning interest with Betterment

I’m not sure how long this bonus is going to last, so my advice is to go ahead and sign up for a free account today.

Right now this is USA only, but if you live overseas and want a free bonus, check out a similar offer I wrote about a few months ago.

Good luck Penny Hoarders!