10 Career Options for Creative People Who Actually Want to Make Money

jobs for creative people
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Careers in creative fields like design, writing and filmmaking are usually labors of love, not money.

Until recently.

These days you can actually earn a decent living in creative industries that used to pay a pittance.

Job search website CareerBuilder.com just released a snappy new list of 10 solid careers for creatives that’s worth checking out if you’re the imaginative type.

The top five careers based on average pay per year are:

  • Producers and directors – $49K – $103K
  • Film editors – $46K – $92K
  • Art directors – $54K – $89K
  • Technical writers – $57K – $87K
  • Public relations specialist – $43K – $79K

Collectively, these five roles have accounted for nearly 48,500 new jobs since 2011.

Skills You Need for a Creative Job

Many of these jobs have a lot of skills in common, like leadership, communication and, of course, creativity.

They also require at least some college education or formal training, so don’t expect your first job to be Kanye’s new publicist or the director of the next blockbuster movie.

If you’re the creative type, the jobs on this list are definitely worth exploring. People are always going to watch movies and celebrities are always going to need a spokesperson, so there’s a lot of long-term stability associated with these 10 careers.

To get a sense of the creative job outlook in your area, check out this interactive Bureau of Labor Statistics map.

Is a Creative Job a Good Fit For You?

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in a creative field, be aware that it’s not always a picnic.

Many of these jobs require a lot of self-motivation and self-direction. It can also be challenging to constantly come up with new and fresh ideas.  

When you’ve poured your heart into a creative project, the praise you get for a job well done wraps you in a warm, fuzzy glow. On the other hand, if you bond to every project as if it were your first-born child, then criticism, no matter how tactfully delivered, can hurt.

Keep Busy While You Wait for Your Dream Job

While waiting for your big break as a creative superstar, consider using a crowdfunding platform like Patreon to make a few extra bucks with your skills.

Writers can stay sharp coming up with slogans and taglines, while talented artists should check out one of these eight jobs.

Your Turn: What creative job do you dream of landing?

Lisa McGreevy is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She loves making friends with other creative types, so look her up on Twitter: @lisah.