Now Hiring: Here’s How to Make Money Cleaning Up Search Engine Results

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Want to work from home and make money improving the internet? (Yeah, the web could actually use a little work…)

Lionbridge is looking for personalized/social media internet assessors — people to help clean up search engine results.

This is a part-time, work-from-home contract position. You’ll work 10 to 20 hours per week, depending on project availability.

TPH writer Steve Gillman has earned money this way, and he reports rates between $12 and $15 an hour.

How You Can Improve Google’s Search Results

In this position, your job would be to review online search results to improve content and quality. The listing doesn’t name the specific search engine, but does make mention of several Google products.

You’d be assigned various search-related tasks, then provide feedback on what you find.

Are the results relevant to your search? Algorithms are getting pretty good, but we still need humans to tell search engines exactly what we’re looking for.

How’s the quality of the content that shows up? You’d have to review it for grammar, tone and cultural relevance, so you should be fluent in spoken and written English.

Does the information you find make sense for your query? You’d examine content for relevance, so you should be familiar with current and historical business, media, sports, news, social media and cultural affairs in the U.S.

You must also have lived in the U.S. for the past five years.

You’ll need both a PC and smartphone to test search results. Right now, the company is specifically seeking users with an Android 4.1 or higher device.

You should be an active user of Gmail and Google+, as well as Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

How to Apply to Be a Search Engine Evaluator

To apply, submit your application here.

Once your application is reviewed, the next stage is an online exam in three sections:

  1. Open-book exam with 33 multiple choice questions
  1. Seven practical questions on the quality of web pages
  1. Seven practical send-to-device questions using your desktop/laptop and smartphone

Speaking of search engine evaluator jobs in general — not Lionbridge specifically — Gillman says he’s taken several of these tests, “and they aren’t too difficult, but they can take a couple hours and you won’t be paid for this time.”

Wondering if this type of job is for you? Read Gillman’s full story on the pros and cons — and how much money you can earn.

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Your Turn: Would you like to earn money cleaning up search engines?

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