8 Retailers That are Hiring Tons of Seasonal Employees (Plus Discounts!)

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I cringe for my bank account’s sake each time the holidays swing around.

Between traveling to see family and purchasing way too many presents, it’s a rough time for that sucker. And the sad thing is, it all seems so inevitable and uncontrollable.

However, this holiday season, I finally have a job. I also found a wealth of seasonal jobs in August.

Now, I’ve found even more, but all of these places also offer store discounts.

Yup — if you work at these places part-time, you can temporarily get discounts on products including cosmetics, chocolate, groceries and even shoes.

So, this is my motivational speech to you: Don’t let the holidays get your bank account down. Rather, earn some money, and save on presents. Plus, you might even be able to splurge on yourself for once.

8 Companies Hiring Seasonal Workers Now

Hold your breath — or don’t — because this is a long, but juicy, list. For your skimming ease (yes, I know you won’t hang onto my every word), I listed the companies alphabetically.

Oh, and we found some gems for you Canadians, too!

1. Famous Footwear

Have an affinity for shoes? Me too. This affordable shoe retailer is hiring 76 pages worth of seasonal associates across the nation.

As an associate, you’ll engage customers, maintain order in the store (like putting away all of those dang shoe boxes!) and process shipments. You should be passionate and personable.

You’ll receive “competitive” pay, and, because the company inspires people to take the next *step* (get it?), it offers plenty of room for advancement if so desired. You’ll also receive a 30% store discount.

Peruse the list of seasonal job openings to see if your area retailer is hiring.

2. Gap, Inc.

Gap, Inc. is HUGE. In case you didn’t realize how huge, it encompasses the Gap franchise (think: Outlet, Kids, Body… ), Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta and Intermix. Which means, hello, seasonal jobs.

Most of these positions are for sales associates, which require you to interact with customers, follow instructions to meet deadlines, work flexibly (nights, weekends, holidays) and lift up to 30 pounds. Prior retail experience is preferred, though not required.

Although the pay isn’t listed, you will receive shopping discounts for Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. The specified percentage is not listed and likely varies by store.

You can find the positions on the company’s career page. Just search “seasonal.”

3. Godiva

With this seasonal gig, you can have your chocolate and eat it too. Across the nation — and Canada — Godiva stores are hiring chocolatiers. I wouldn’t mind adding that title next to my name: Chocolatier Carson.

As a chocolatier, you’ll act as a brand ambassador by addressing customer questions and recommending products. You should be outgoing and willing to push yourself to meet and exceed sales goals.

Experience in retail is preferred, though not required. You should be flexible in your scheduling (think: holidays), but it seems worth it.

The benefits include hourly pay with bonus potential, “generous” employee discounts, education assistance and opportunities to grow within the company if you so wish.

Godiva suspects the seasonal gig will last through February (think: Valentine’s Day!). There are 53 pages of locations hiring chocolatiers, shift leaders and boutique managers, so we surely hope you can find your town (or the neighboring one) on the list.

4. L.L. Bean

Hello, new Bean Boots! L.L. Bean is hiring seasonal employers — who will receive 40% off merch.

These seasonal jobs are located across the U.S. and include openings for retail managers, sales reps (one even for the bike, boat and ski sector), maintenance technicians and sales associates.

Benefits include that hefty employee discount, access to the 401(k) plan, holiday pay for holidays worked, premium pay for third-shifters and, for those in Maine, access to a fitness center and employee store.

The site states an influx of opportunities will be posted late fall, so keep checking back.

5. Lands’ End

I like this company for its lifetime warranty. I like it even more because it’s hiring seasonal workers.

Each position offers ”competitive” pay (although the listings are not specific) and flexible hours. The amount isn’t specified, but there are also employee discounts for Lands’ End and Sears swag, though.

You’ll also get access to the Comer Center, a fitness and wellness complex exclusively for employees.

The positions are concentrated in Wisconsin, so start applying, Wisconsinites. (Or Cheeseheads…or is that offensive? Sorry.)

6. Lush

Unleash this bath bomb of seasonal jobs. This cosmetic retailer — the one that smells so delicious when you walk by in the mall — is hiring seasonal workers across the United States and Canada.

Your job will be to mill about the store, helping customers decide which product smells better. (It’s a hard decision, people.) You should be able to work with customers, drop a little Lush knowledge and lift 30 pounds. Some retail, customer service, beauty or cosmetics experience is applauded.

The best part? As an employee, you’ll get 50% off ALL products “so you feel fresh everyday.” Heck to the yes.

Search for retail positions on Lush’s site. You can even sign up for job notifications if nothing’s open near you yet.

7. Whole Foods

This popular grocery chain is a little pricy, but we still love it. And we’d consider snagging a solid job there, too. Maybe one day we’d earn six figures?!

Right now, Whole Foods Market is hiring seasonal workers, which could be a great in for something more full time. Open positions range from grocery service team members and cashiers to meat service team members and bakery employees.

No matter the position, each position receives a 20% store discount and flexible work schedule, which is awesome for those big feasts you’re about to host. There aren’t a ton of positions open yet, but keep checking back in.

8. Nordstrom

Each day, it seems like Nordstrom unfurls more and more job openings across the U.S. and Canada.

There are a number of listings for visual merchandisers, who act as brand ambassadors for the store. Their job is to understand and execute effective visual merchandising strategies.

If you know what this means, you’re already on the right track. You should also have a high school diploma, keep up with current fashion trends, pay attention to detail and know your way around a toolbox (think: drills and box knives).

Pay is described as competitive, and even seasonal job postings note the awesome benefits: medical insurance coverage, a merchandise discount (yes!) and an employer-matched 401(K) savings.

I reached out to see if the benefits were too good to be true and received a generic response from its careers email. For now, I’ll assume the listing is accurate.

For more seasonal jobs, check out our August post: 9 Companies Now Hiring Seasonal Workers — Including Work-From-Home Jobs. You can also follow our Facebook Jobs page and stay up-to-date with the latest listings!

Your Turn: Have you snagged a sweet seasonal job with employee discounts yet?

Carson Kohler (@CarsonKohler) is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder. After recently completing graduate school, she focuses on saving money — and surviving the move back in with her parents. If she had the time, she’d totally snag a job at Lush.

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