Don’t Throw Shade at This Brand Ambassador Job (It Pays $15 an Hour)

Some brand ambassador gigs are more work than they’re worth. A promise of a high hourly rate may conjure an image of working at a droopy table handing out postcards with discount codes. Even worse, some gigs only offer free products for all your hard work.

We love free stuff, but we love earning money more. And if you’re a college student, you don’t have time to waste not earning money toward your monthly expenses.

Oakley’s campus brand ambassador position is way better than a droopy card-table promo gig. Think of it as a real-world training experience for students hoping to go into sales, marketing or merchandising after college.

Oh, and did I mention you can make $15 per hour doing it? That’s way better than bussing tables at the dining hall.

What Does an Oakley Brand Ambassador Do?

Eyewear giant Oakley offers flexible, paid positions to college students in any field of study.

Brand ambassadors for the Retail Intelligence Program visit area retail locations to educate sales teams on new styles. You’ll be assigned 15 to 40 “national stores” — think places like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Pac Sun — where you’ll attend meetings with store teams once or twice each month.

It’s not exactly a sales position, but you’ll become an expert on all things Oakley so you can answer any questions your stores have about new styles. You’ll use your smartphone or tablet to record information about store relationships, inventory and more through ThirdChannel, an online retail portal.

There’s one hitch: You need your own car to get to your local retail locations.

“Most stores will be within 30 miles of your home or residence,” the listing on WayUp specifies. “If a store is farther, you will be compensated extra for your travel time.”

Who Should Apply?

It’s an independent role ideal for self-starters with flexible schedules, since you’ll be working 6 to 15 hours per week and visiting stores during regular business hours. If you’re taking 18 credits and have class four days a week, you might feel stretched for time to meet with your local store teams.

The listing explains that you’ll receive remote coaching and supervision and should be ready to adapt to the “ever-evolving retail landscape,” meaning the number of stores on your visit rotation.

Available positions may be limited by location. WayUp lists Albany, Charleston, Las Vegas, Sacramento and Tampa among the more than 20 cities with openings.

To apply, visit ThirdChannel’s position listing for the Oakley Retail Intelligence Program.

Your Turn: Have you worked as a brand ambassador? What tips would you give to someone applying for the first time?

Lisa Rowan is a writer and producer at The Penny Hoarder.