Could You “Unplug” for One Hour? This Company Will Pay You Up to $300

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Could you unplug for one hour? No TV. No computer. Nothing.

It might sound ridiculous, but many of us spend our entire day in front of a screen and studies show we’re suffering as a result.

Which is why I love this new app we just found…. they actually pay you to unplug! Up to $300/year!

Plus, right now, new users automatically get a $10 Amazon gift card when they sign up and connect their utility account.

Irony aside, take that money and go do something fun outside.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for energy-sharing program OhmConnect here and sync it with your online utility account through PG&E, SDG&E or Southern California Edison. You must have an online account with one of these electric companies to qualify for OhmConnect. They give you a free $40 just for synching your account. 

2. Receive energy usage notifications during “#OhmHours” — high-energy-consumption hours that trigger non-green power plants to activate in order to support the overtaxed grid.

3. Turn off your tv, lights, etc. until the #OhmHour is up.

4. Profit! OhmConnect rewards you up to $300/year for not contributing to the high demand that prompts unclean power sources to turn on.

It’s really that simple.

Plus, you’re helping save the planet.

How OhmConnect Rewards You For Greener Living

When members substantially decrease energy demand during #OhmHours, the CA electricity market, or California ISO, avoids turning on an expensive, dirty power plant… and pays OhmConnect instead.

Then, OhmConnect passes those savings back to consumers — you! — to incentivize green living.

The end result?

A naturally lower electricity bill, an easy and beneficial stream of passive income and a happier planet. Win, win, win. 

Significantly reducing energy consumption enough to eradicate the need for power plants doesn’t have to be hard if the effort’s spread across California’s millions of residents.

Plus, with OhmConnect’s new referral program, you can get paid up to $75 to help your friends save money and energy.

For every person who signs up through your link, you’ll earn:

  • 500 points ($5) when they sign up with a utility account (Silver status)
  • 2,000 points ($20) when they save one kilowatt during an #OhmHour (Gold status)
  • 5,000 points ($50) when they participate in 90% of events in a month (Platinum status)

#OhmHours only occur a couple of times a week, and you can easily reduce your energy consumption by just waiting a few minutes to charge your phone or dry your hair.

Save Energy, Get Rewarded

Once you’ve earned rewards, you can choose to cash out or donate directly to your favorite charity.

You can also directly connect OhmConnect with any smart energy devices you already have in your home, like the Nest thermostat.

The downside?

Like we mentioned, this cool program only works for you Californians for now, and you have to have an online account with one of the electric companies mentioned above. 

Your Turn: Will you use OhmConnect to earn a little extra cash while reducing your carbon footprint and your bill?

Enter your ZIP code here to get started. Plus, right now, new users automatically get a $10 Amazon gift card when they sign up and connect their utility account.

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