7 Open Clinical Trials That Will Pay You Up to $6,000

Clinical trials

You’re between jobs, but getting tired of the “unemployed” part of funemployment.

You have a job that’s so flexible, people are always asking you for rides to the airport.

You work for yourself, with total control over your income.

Does one of the above apply to you? You might be a candidate for a clinical trial.

We scoured the web to find clinical trials in need of participants this summer. That means when you’re not lounging by the pool, you could be testing your way toward a payout of $1,000 or more.

Before You Expect to Make Thousands from Clinical Trials…

Getting involved in a clinical trial is way harder than late-night infomercials or newspaper ads make it seem.

First, you need to meet any location requirements so you’ll be near the researchers who need to poke at you.

Next, you’ll need to satisfy every health requirement — some of which seem totally wacky until you’re like, “Oh, I have all those conditions.”

And the big money comes from big sacrifice.

“Clinical trial payouts vary depending on the duration and invasiveness of the procedures — the ‘ouch factor’ plays a big part in your earnings,” frequent trial participant Halina Zakowicz previously explained for The Penny Hoarder.

Here’s Where to Find the Clinical-Trial Cash

Want to find out if you can participate in a clinical trial this summer? These seven studies are starting soon.

1. Oral Medication Trial in Atlanta, Georgia

The Atlanta Center for Medical Research (ACMR) seeks healthy volunteers who are unable to conceive due to age, behavior or surgical sterilization.

Smokers are excluded, and participants must be willing to abstain from alcohol, caffeine and grapefruit products for two weeks.

This study requires taking daily oral medication for 10 days as an inpatient, with five clinic follow-up visits. After receiving $50 for a screening visit, participants receive $200 for each day in hospital and $75 for follow-up clinic visits. That’s a total of $2,425!

To apply, visit ACMR online to submit preliminary information.

2. Inpatient Trial in Dallas, Texas

Men and women ages 18-55 in the Dallas area can earn up to $6,050. You’ll receive inpatient treatment for five days, followed by 14 outpatient visits.

Screenings are taking place now, with hospital check-in scheduled for June 29. Outpatient visits are pre-scheduled for selected dates, so you’ll need to have a pretty flexible schedule.

To view more details and apply, visit Covance.

3. Injection Device Trial in Baltimore, Maryland

Non-smokers between 18 and 55 years old can apply for this study, which will test a new injection device to administer Cimzia, a drug that relieves symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and other conditions. You should weigh at least 110 pounds and have a BMI between 18 and 28.

Participation requires two screening visits, one eight-day hospital stay and seven follow-up visits. If you complete the study, you can receive up to $5,100.

4. Young, Postmenopausal Women Sought in Madison, Wisconsin

Postmenopausal or surgically sterile women ages 18-50 in Madison, Wisconsin, can participate in a 17-night study worth $5,000.

Screening takes place on June 23, 27 and 28, so apply quickly.

5. Medical Device Trial in Evansville, Indiana

Adult men and women (no joke, the age range is 18-100) can test a medical device to earn $1,000. No drugs are involved.

The study takes place between July 5 and July 12 in Evansville, Indiana, with an initial screening on June 24. No inpatient time is required.

To apply, visit Covance.

6. Binge Eating Study in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston-area adults who have struggled with binge eating may be eligibe for a Boston Clinical Trial.

Transportation, meals and babysitting during the study may be available.

7. Dietary Supplement Trial in Dallas, Texas

Adults age 40 or older who suffer from frequent leg cramps can apply for this dietary supplement trial.

Only seven outpatient visits in the Dallas area are required, along with phone calls to check on participant progress. Once you complete the study, you’ll receive $2,800.

Visit Covance to apply and view outpatient visit dates.

Your Turn: Have you ever participated in a clinical trial? Did you get paid?

Lisa Rowan is a writer, editor and podcaster living in Washington, DC. Editorial intern Kelly Smith also contributed to this piece.