Purr-fect Job Alert! 5 Jobs for People Who Love to Hang Out With Pets

Sometimes, leaving your pet in the morning when it’s time to go to work feels like the hardest thing you’ll do all day.

There’s just something about that wet, snuffly nose or that needy *meow* that makes you want to call in sick, climb back into bed and cuddle your wonderful furry best-friend while you binge a season of “LA Ink” and seriously entertain the idea of getting your cat’s face tattooed on your bicep. (No, you’re weird.)

But somebody has to put the kibble on the table.

5 Pet Care Jobs That are Purr-fect for Animal Lovers

So, what if I told you that the sting of leaving your pet each morning could be lessened considerably? What if I told you that there are jobs that let you hang out with animals all day long?

Well, there are.

1. Cat Cuddler

This job is exactly what it sounds like. Just Cats, a veterinary clinic and cattery in Dublin, Ireland, is looking for a full-time cat cuddler to soothe nervous cat patients in the clinic.

The ideal candidate, according to the listing, will have “gentle hands, capable of petting and stroking cats for long periods of time,” and should be soft-spoken and “capable of cat whispering.”

Just Cats mentions that applicants have a distinct advantage if they’re able to understand different types of purrs.

If this sounds similar to your own very specific skill set, you can find more information and apply to become a professional cat cuddler (with cattitude) here.

2. Semi-Pro Dog Walker

With Wag! you can make all of your dog-walking dreams come true. (Because who doesn’t want to get paid to hang with pups all day?!)

The company is always looking for new walkers to sign up through the Wag! app, and the process is pretty quick and easy. After you apply, you’ll go through a vetting (hah) process that aims to ensure you’re serious about the dog walking life.

According to the Wag! website, dog walkers can make up to $25 per hour hanging out with man’s best friend — so this one seems like an easy decision.

3. Cat Cafe Hosts

Cat cafes are popping up across the country, and while they’re super trendy and 100% Instagrammable, the primary goal of these feline-friendly coffee shops is encouraging cat adoptions.

Typical positions at a cat cafe include cat room hosts and wranglers, along with baristas and cafe attendants.

While these cat cafes are in California, Minnesota and Washington D.C., there’s probably already a cat cafe in your city — so be sure to check around for any job openings near you!

(And if you’re thinking about opening your own cat cafe, here are some things to consider first.)

4. Pet Massage Therapist

Some sad news: when pets get old or injured, their bodies hurt just like humans’ do.

Some happy news: you can become certified as a pet massage therapist and help alleviate the pain (that apparently doesn’t have the decency to stay away from the purest creatures on this Earth).

As a pet massage therapist, you can make as much as $50 per hour — so a full-time pet masseuse would be set to make a pretty penny.

Find out everything you need to know about getting certified, finding clients and starting your own pet massage business here.

Take note: the regulations regarding pet massage therapy are a little hazy, so you’ll want to check out the specific rules in your state before you get started.

5. Put Your Pup to Work

If you need a little extra help bringing home the Beggin’ Strips, have your dog pitch in.

Here are five ways your dog can help earn a little income on the side — because even Fido has to earn his keep.

But Why Stop There?

There are a tons of ways to make money while hanging with our furry friends — including becoming a doggie chauffeur or a pet photographer (both very real things).

For more ideas, check out this list of 10 ways to earn while spending time with other people’s dogs!

Grace Schweizer is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder. Shout out to Oliver, the perfect kitten who helps her keep her eye on the (salmon flavored) prize.