Single? This Jeweler Will Pay You $1,500 to Go on 15 First Dates

Two people on a date kiss while leaning out of their respective vehicles.
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Want to turn your Tinder swipes into debit swipes? Shane Co., a family-owned jeweler, is offering one lucky lovebird the opportunity to earn $1,500 just for going on 15 first dates.

Of course, if you’re selected, you’ll have to do more than just go on the dates. You’ll also have to document the dates via photos and recaps for Shane Co., meaning your love connection (or dating disaster) could end up as fodder for a future marketing campaign for the jeweler.

$1,500 for 15 First Dates: How Does It Work?

Shane Co. is currently accepting applications for the gig. You have until just before Valentine’s Day — Feb. 10, 2023 — to sign up. The winner will be announced Feb. 27, 2023.

But the contest isn’t open to just anyone. You’ve got to be a U.S. citizen, 18 years or older and, most importantly, single and ready to mingle. Shane Co. makes this very clear: “Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat.”

If you’re willing to document your love life — and are OK with averaging three first dates a month for five months — you can fill out the application on Shane Co’s website.

Be prepared: They’ll ask about more than just your name and age. Shane Co. wants to know why you think you’re right for the role and what your ideal first date would be.

If You’re Selected by Shane Co.

The winning applicant will have five months to go on 15 first dates. On each date, the winner will have to snap a pic and then fill out a short worksheet about how the date went. (Think of it as writing in your diary after a date, except the whole world can read it.)

Every date has to be with a different person, and you can meet them however you want — online, as a blind date, at a bar or even, as Shane Co. suggests, at a bullfighting competition. You know, where love abounds.

Technically, the first dates don’t have to be with strangers, so you could call up an old classmate or have an awkward conversation with a coworker if you’re struggling to hit 15.

Before getting too excited about the prospect of a $1,500 reward, don’t forget about the cost of dating. Last year, Zoosk found that the average date costs $97. After 15 of them, you’ll have spent — wait for it — around 1,500 bucks.

Happy swiping!

Contributor Timothy Moore is a writer and editor in Cincinnati who covers banks, loans, insurance, travel and automotive topics for The Penny Hoarder.