A&W Owes You Money From a Class-Action Lawsuit

A&W Root Beer owes you five bucks and change — all you have to do is claim it. And making a claim is easy. It just takes a minute or two to fill out a brief online form.

It all has to do with a class-action lawsuit that A&W is settling. The beverage company got sued because it was selling root beer and cream soda with labels that said “Made With Aged Vanilla,” even though the beverages weren’t really made with aged vanilla.

You’re eligible for a cut of the $15 million settlement if you bought a “Made With Aged Vanilla” A&W root beer or cream soda anytime between February 2016 and June 2023.

But here’s the kicker: You do not need to provide proof of purchase to be eligible to receive compensation in this case. We’re just going to repeat that one more time: You don’t have to provide proof.

If you submit a claim online here but don’t have proof of purchase, you’ll receive a payment of at least $5.50. Also, this is important: You must submit a claim by Oct. 18.

If you and your partner or spouse both submit claims, that’s $11 in free money that the two of you didn’t have before.

What If You Have Proof of Purchase?

If you’re like most people, you don’t have proof of purchase of some A&W root beer or cream soda with “aged vanilla” that you bought months or years ago.

But if you do have proof of purchase, you can get more money from A&W — up to $25 per person.

Specifically, for every can or bottle you purchased above 11 “units” of A&W, you’ll receive an extra 50 cents up to a total of $25.

What Is This Lawsuit About Anyway?

Like we mentioned, this is a class-action lawsuit. Three defendants filed the lawsuit against the corporate entity “A&W Concentrate Co. and Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.,” which manufactures these beverages.

A&W is accused of misleading customers by labeling root beer and cream soda products as being “Made With Aged Vanilla” when the vanilla taste is actually created by using a substance called ethyl vanillin, which is an artificial vanilla flavoring.

In a preliminary settlement, A&W denies misleading anyone. The company says “the labeling of the Products was truthful and non-misleading, and that purchasers did not pay a ‘premium’ for the Products as a result of any misrepresentations.”

But A&W settled the case for $15 million anyway — probably to avoid the possibility of having to pay out even more money.

The online claim form can be found here.

These Companies May Owe You Money, Too

There are a couple of other class-action lawsuit settlements going on where you’re probably eligible to receive compensation. But the deadlines to file claims are fast approaching.


If you Googled anything between 2006 and 2013, then Google owes you money for violating your privacy. Those are the terms of a class-action lawsuit that Google settled for $23 million.

How much money does Google owe you? It depends on how many people come forward to claim their share of the settlement. The current estimated payout is about $7.70 per person.

The deadline is coming up fast, though. The deadline to file a claim is Monday, July 31.

It’s pretty easy to file a claim, but it takes more than just one step to do it. You’ll have to go through a few steps. This article will walk you through it.

Between the Google and A&W settlements, that’s $13.20 in free money that’s available to you.


If you’ve had a Facebook account anytime during the last 16 years, you’re eligible for a payout from a $725 million class-action lawsuit. You have until Aug. 25 to file a claim here.

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, recently settled a massive lawsuit alleging that the social media network violated users’ privacy by allowing other companies to access users’ private data without their consent, and that it misled Facebook users about its privacy practices.

If you had a Facebook account between May 24, 2007, and Dec. 22, 2022, in the U.S., you’re eligible to submit a claim. The claim form asks for some basic information about you and your Facebook account, and it takes a few minutes to fill out.

The amount of settlement money you’ll receive depends on a few factors, including how many people submit claims and how long you had an active Facebook account.

Mike Brassfield ([email protected]) is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder.