Win up to $500 Just for Playing Solitaire on Your Phone

A woman celebrates while looking at her phone.
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Pst… Penny Hoarders… listen up.

If you like to play solitaire on your phone, this app could give you $500 for it.

Everyone else has to pay an entry fee for a shot at the winnings, but if you download their app with this special TPH-only link, you’ll get in for free.

Here’s how to get your shot at $500 without paying a cent for a ticket: Download Solitaire Cash and register your free account. Then you’ll have one week to play games and get to Level 9 to register to receive your ticket.

This promo only runs until Nov. 21, so sign up here before your chance is gone.You can also enter the promo code “GoHigh” directly in the app. Since you’re already playing Solitaire on your phone, you have nothing to lose — and hundreds to potentially gain.

At the end of the month, the winner of the $500 cash prize will be announced.