Get Paid to Tell Brands Exactly What You Think of Them

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Here’s the thing: Filling out online surveys is really easy. It practically requires zero effort or skill. So, why aren’t more people excited about getting paid to do it? Why is Netflix and surveying not a thing?

It turns out, most survey companies waste your time by making you sift through a massive inventory of surveys, none of which you end up qualifying for. And when you do finally earn some money, you discover you can only cash out for some obscure voucher you’ll never use.

Well, guess what? We found a survey company called Thrifty Pig that’s streamlined the process so you can get right to the surveys you most likely qualify for. Plus, you get paid real money when you complete their surveys, and you can cash out with just $5 via PayPal, eGiftCode, or a paper check.

Is Thrifty Pig Trustworthy?

Thrifty Pig is legit. It’s got an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and it’s one of our favorite market research companies we’ve seen. With Thrifty Pig, you’ll have tons of survey opportunities, which means even more potential to earn. Plus it’s super easy to use. There’s no complicated rewards system, and you can cash out with just $5.

Taking surveys won’t exactly replace your full-time job, but this is one of the best ways to make some extra cash while you’re chilling on the couch after work or waiting at the doctor’s office.

How can they afford to pay you? Thrifty Pig is a market research company that works with more than 350 leading consumer brands and retailers who all want your feedback — and are willing to pay for it.

How to Join Thrifty Pig and Start Earning Extra Cash

First things first: You actually need to be invited to use Thrifty Pig. Why so exclusive? Because limiting the number of members means that you will always have available surveys.

Fortunately, we can share an exclusive invitation code just for The Penny Hoarder readers: 2FGS4J-LRBGA3-KXGAEU-45RUXJ

When you sign up, you’ll be asked for your invitation code and some basic information about you:

  • Zip Code
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Name

Next you’ll be asked which kind of surveys you’re happy to take part in: online surveys, product testing, online focus groups and phone surveys.

Finally, so they know which surveys you’ll most likely qualify for, you’ll need to complete your general profile. Here’s where they ask you things like marital status, education level, whether you rent or own your home, etc.

Thrifty Pig will use the basic information you provide in your profile to set up a personalized dashboard with up to 12 survey options you’re most likely to qualify for. And just like that, you’re ready to share your opinions and get paid.

How You’re Paid 

Once you have 500 “coins,” you can take your money. Just choose how you want to be paid: PayPal, eGiftCode or a good old paper check. All PayPal and eGiftCode payments are made within 12 hours of being requested and are usually received within just a couple of hours.

Of course, you can leave your account to build up as big a balance as you like — it’s a perfect way to save for your next vacation, Christmas or anything you’d like.

Ready to start getting paid to tell brands what you think of them? It takes just a minute to sign up using code 2FGS4J-LRBGA3-KXGAEU-45RUXJ and start getting paid to take surveys.